Saturday, September 29, 2012

Y2 Day 31: Early to Bed

For the first time in ever, I'm actually home at night with nowhere I have to be. It is 6:40, Husband is doing the dinner dishes, I'm finishing the teeny tiny bit of Ben & Jerry's pistachio ice cream left in the carton, and a long lovely night stretches before me. I am SO HAPPY.

First stop: Bathtub! I have two chapters left of the Meryl Streep book and then two new library books plus a PEOPLE magazine plus Entertainment Weekly. Perfect bathtub reading!

Second stop: Bed! Possibly at a time that's a single digit!

And I will get up early tomorrow and take a walk before church, which will be lovely.

Two unexpected and nice things happened today:
  • The kids and I watched new show Ben and Kate, which is HILARIOUS. We would watched it anyway because it's on between Raising Hope and New Girl, shows that we love, but it's a bonus to actually like it.
  • I had $20 in Kohl's cash that had to be spent today; I got an adorable kitten-soft summer nightie for Mimosa (she desperately needs new nighties) and an armload of silver bangle bracelets for me, and it cost me: $1.64. Score!
Off to the tub. Happy happy happy me! I LOVE STAYING HOME!!!

xx Lady C

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