Sunday, September 30, 2012

Y2 Day 32: How I Love TV

Another busy morning — walk, lift, crunch, stretch, shower, church, then get Mimosa to yoga and hand over Li'l Martini to Sexy Em (for an afternoon with HoneyBear! Martini's in heaven), but then I had a glorious free day in which I did nothing but read . . .

. . . and tonight, three hours of good TV awaits!
  • Call the Midwife — I've heard nothing but wonderful things about this PBS series! (I keep forgetting its name, though, and calling it Blame It on the Midwife, which is a very different show, I imagine.)
  • Episode 1, Season 4, of The Good Wife!!!! It ended on a note of insane suspense, I can hardly believe it's finally back. Alicia! Kalinda! Eli! Peter!!!
  • 666 Central Park West — This one has gotten mixed reviews, but I like the cast so I'm optimistic. But if I don't like it, I have M*A*S*H and Medium to watch.
I am dying of happy!

And tomorrow, while I have things to do (edit a unit, call the Department of Public Works, get a new printer), I have nothing scheduled to do, which makes me feel light and free.

Oh! And my weight was down this morning (251 on the upstairs scale before my walk, 249 on the downstairs scale after my walk), though the last time I weighed in at Fat Secret I was at 248 so I didn't record it. Still! I'm closing the gap!

I'm doing two new arm exercises, which I got from an article titled Get Michelle Obama's Arms!, and boy howdy do I feel them. My arms, man; they are lookin' good.

Sunday night TV. Bliss.


—Lady C, girl of simple pleasures

p.s. I wore kind of a sexy outfit to church today, a tiny red top with bits of black bra peeping out (though it wasn't obviously my bra, it could've been an undershirt or camisole), a black pencil skirt, black boots, an armful of silver bangles, red lipstick, hair up, dangly silver earrings, and steel-colored nail polish, and a woman I love and admire grabbed my arm and said, "You are just so beautiful. I know it's shallow, but I think it every time I look at you."

Isn't that awesome? Made my day.

(I was "dressed up" because Husband was installed as a Worship Associate this morning, and I wanted to be extra-pretty arm candy for him.)

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