Monday, September 3, 2012

Y2 Day 5: My Planned Day of Practically Perfect Living

So far I'm a perfect "10," me and Bo Derek. Mimosa and I arose early as planned; she ran her mile (faster, she says, than she ever has before — though she still can't run the whole thing, which somewhat troubles me) and I walked my almost-three, and we glowed with Pride and Accomplishment and, yes, Virtue. Then I came home and made the caramel-cashew bars, which are now in the oven, and I'm having a small healthy breakfast, which I shall log on Fat Secret presently. It's time to Get Serious about my eating again, after this month of gorgeous gluttony.

(This week's CSA share included a basket of nectarines, which have just fully ripened; they are so juicy and sugar-sweet, it's hard to believe that something this insanely delicious is also healthy! I'm eating one right now, and moaning a little bit. Really — they are insane.)

I'm going to go lift weights and do my "throw downs" (aka core work), then take my shower, then mend our always-in-need-of-mending hideous green couch and watch more Buffy. As soon as I have two (large) nickels to rub together, we are replacing that couch, which is the bane of my existence. It still works beautifully as a bed — the top-of-the-line air mattress we invested in is as plump and robust as ever. But the rest of the couch is in shreds, and it's not even comfortable to sit on — everything sags. I HATE my green couch.

(My flowered couch, in contrast, is as supportive and pretty as ever, since the kids don't tend to use it as a jungle gym. When we get the new couch, I won't even allow them to touch it. Floors were made for sitting, people.)

(They can just add this to the list of Topics for Certain Future Therapy. I'm fairly sure we're in double digits by now.)

We're invited to a picnic/party later. I hate picnics (eating outside? where the dirt is? when one has a perfectly nice dining room? Madness), but the day is somewhat overcast and looks like rain; I predict we'll be indoors. And it's a small party, only two other (quiet) couples, so Husband and I will likely dominate the conversation, which will either be lots of fun and we'll tell many entertaining stories and everyone will laugh till they're weak, or it will be draining and I'll get a headache and vow to never attend a party again; either seems possible. But I've got a bottle of seltzer chilling and I plan to drink that instead of wine, and I'll focus on salads and fruit as my main meal, and all will be well.

And Husband will be home in less than two hours, and our little family will be together again at last! It's been a while. Dinner at home as a family will be a lovely, lovely thing.

Off to live perfectly! I'll let you know how it goes.

—Lady C

p.s. My fingernails are bright teal with two thin green stripes on each. So cute! I am mesmerized by my own hands.

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