Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Y2 Day 6: My First Time

(Alterna-Title: Margarita vs. Zumba)

For whatever reason, since I started doing zumba I have been the Picture of Dedication. I've had to miss classes because of scheduling conflicts or actual illness, but that's it — I have never once flaked on a class because I was too tired or just didn't feel like going, despite being tempted to, many times.

But tonight . . . boy howdy, tonight I am beyond tempted.

The kids start school in less than 48 hours, I'm still driving this red behemoth (which presents its own kind of stress — parking and changing lanes are entirely new activities when you're driving something the size of Delaware), and today was consumed with getting children from one place to another, also a mammogram and ultrasound (they've been tracking these probably-benign nodules in Left Boob for a year or more now; today they determined that their size hasn't changed at all, so I'm likely cancer-free and don't have to come back for a year, so, yay!!), and I am simply exhausted.

Plus: I've already exercised some today, doing a practice walk to the middle school with Li'l Martini, up and down our big hill for 44 minutes, and then I lifted and carried heavy packages of cat litter; it's not like I was totally inert.

Plus: We just had dinner at our local Mexican joint, and I caved and had a margarita (which I've successfully eschewed for months now —but oh mamacita they are so so so good!).

And then I had another one. Hopping around doing zumba with a tummy full of tequila — oh, just grab the Maalox now.

Plus: I was wildly successful in my day of Practically Perfect Living, and this morning my weight was back at 252, aka My Starting Weight. (I'd been up to 259 during these vacation weeks of solid gluttony and sloth.)

Staying home, reading library books, watching Gravity Falls with my kids, taking a bath, getting to bed early . . . it all sounds so good.

*     *     *     *     *

I'd written all of this, then Husband came home and I proceeded to give him all my rationalizations and justifications . . . and then I thought, I don't miss zumba. Ever. If I can possibly go, I go. Because the world of rationalizations and justifications — it is a slippery slope, my friends.

I just got home, and I am sweating tequila and triple sec from every pore.

A life lesson, I guess.

Lady C, older, wiser, sweatier

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  1. I am glad you went. Slippery slope indeed!
    So sorry that exercising did not prevent the migraine. :( Hmmm... maybe the migraine would have been worse? Or maybe next time you'll drink more water than possibly imaginable...? In any case, you went to zumba and that, in and of itself is good news for you!