Friday, September 7, 2012

Y2 Day 9: Secret Lunch Date

So, after all that, Mimosa didn't make the volleyball team. Coach Less-Peachy said that the other girls have been playing together for a couple of weeks now and are just more experienced. Which pisses me off — I saw them two days ago, they play like crap, and there's no way she's worse than they are — but she is perfectly calm about it, so I'm taking my cue from her. Also, she didn't get home till close to five yesterday, and that's how it would have been every day this fall, which doesn't leave much room for a life during her first semester of high school, and she says she's really interested in doing some clubs, like Drama, GSA*, and Newspaper, which sounds awesome to me. All is well.

Today I took a long walk and lifted weights, and then I did a good thing, moving my physical therapy stuff to the basement where my weights are, so now I can do the exercises I'm supposed to be doing for my wacky dislocating shoulders; I don't know why I didn't think of this before. But because I did that "extra" exercise today, I allowed myself to skip my core work. Bad, bad Lady C! I need to work my core. I dream of eradicating my stomach flap. The skin under my stomach flap is always moist — (ew) — and itches all the time, and I live in fear of developing a flesh-eating virus. And core work alone won't do it, but it will sure help.

Oh — and apparently: lose an IUD, lose three pounds. !!!!! I was back in the '40s this morning!!! I haven't been there in weeks. Even though I'm counting the days differently, I'm still going to do my official Weigh-Ins on Sunday or Monday, so we'll see if I can stay down for two more days.

Today Husband and I were both home, and I asked if he wanted to have a lunch date; he said yes. Then I asked if I could pick the place, and he said yes, which was brave and sweet; we don't always like the same foods. But I took him to Asian Fusion Hoody Doody, where you can get both Chinese and Japanese food, and I had the sushi I adore (plus some other stuff — I love lunch in a bento box!!) and he had Chinese chicken pepper something, and we were both very happy. And we kissed at the red lights (full disclosure: I was a teensy bit snockered on lunchtime chardonnay) and it was a very lovely and romantical time indeed.

I had a small dinner, pasta with sauce made from the tomatoes I got in our CSA share. I've never made my own tomato sauce before; it was tasty but very thin. I will have to read up on how to make it; I did this one just by instinct. When I fix the leftovers, I'll serve them in bowls with spoons. (The flavor was magnificent, I'll say that.)

Both kids had good first days of school and like most or all of their classes and teachers, but they are wiped. Martini's downstairs Skyping with Mr. Critic before wrestling starts, and Mimosa and I are going to hunker down with some more Buffy and maybe some frozen yogurt.

Next week, I have a big job and my beloved college friend J is coming to visit. Much to look forward to.


—Lady C

* Just curious how many of you immediately knew what this stands for. Husband guessed General Services Administration and Girl Scouts of America, which are perfectly good guesses, but it's Gay-Straight Alliance, where she will meet the coolest kids! I am way psyched that she thought of this.


  1. MR. Lady Chardonnay (aka Husband)September 7, 2012 at 10:33 PM

    I realized later (MUCH later, as in just a few minutes ago) that GSA also stands for: the Geological Studies Association, the Gerontological Studies Association, the Genetics Studies Association, and the German Studies Association. While I agree that Arlington High's Gay-Straight Alliance probably has cooler members overall, I would not be displeased (but I would be surprised!) were daughter to join any of these GSAs.

    Also: Just for the record, there are very few things in the world -- and, at the moment, I can't think of ANY -- better than going on a date with my wife! Especially when there are stoplights!!

  2. For us geologists, it's the Geological Society of America (sorry Mr. Lady C.) and I did GSA (Girls Sports Association?) in high school. And I know the General Services ADministration all too well, including that group that got in so much trouble.

    But maybe we can start another GSA (Genially Snockered Adults) and hang out with GSA ( Generally Spiffy Adolescents) when we see each other on Thursday! Details tbd.


    1. MR. Lady Chardonnay (aka Husband)September 8, 2012 at 8:34 PM

      You are, of course, quite correct, J: I apologize to geologists everywhere (or at least in America). I also just remembered that most universities have GSAs, i.e., Graduate Student Associations! Wow! Who knew GSA was so common!