Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Y2 Day 34: More TV Love

I got a lot done today — at long last, there are no longer power lines dangling in my yard waiting to kill us all (the wires all came down during the storm of September 25, but no one seemed to be in any rush to repair them, so I've been a squeaky wheel this week — squeak! squeak!), and our larder is stocked with healthy, fiber-filled groceries, and I have a stack of library books to use for the Sunday school lesson I'm teaching this week on social action, and I lined up a new editing job and ordered a new printer, and I just had a fantastic sweaty heart-pumping zumba class — and yet I still felt guilty when I sat down to do something just for fun in the middle of the afternoon.

Fortunately, I managed to rise above it and watch four episodes of M*A*S*H, including the one pictured above, titled "Quo Vadis, Captain Chandler?", which is simply wonderful. It includes two of my favorite characters, Sidney Freedman and Colonel Flagg, and the fellow playing Captain Chandler, who now believes he is Jesus Christ, is marvelous. I was especially touched by Father Mulcahy in this episode, who, for just a fleeting moment, allows himself to consider the possibility; it's a wonder to see how his face lights up at the thought.

Seriously. What wouldn't you give to spend a few minutes talking to Jesus? Whatever you believe about whether he's the son of God, isn't that a conversation you'd like to have?!

In other news, I have a bizarre series of itchy bug bites down my right calf:
  • Me: I think we have bedbugs.
  • Husband: We don't have bedbugs.
  • Me: LOOK at my leg. Look at it!
  • Husband: Ew.
  • Me: Bedbugs!!!
  • Husband: If we have bedbugs, why are they only biting you?
  • Me: Because you hog the covers. 
  • Husband: ??
  • Me: They're too hot on your side, so they come running to me. And then bite.
  • Husband: Well, that seems clear.
They're not round red bites like a mosquito's; they're long and blotchy, and one's as big as a peanut in its shell. Well, a smallish peanut, but still. That's not something you want on your calf.

Maybe soaking in a hot bath will rid me of my itch. Here's hoping!

—Lady C, optimistic

p.s. I want to enter a Mary Kay makeover contest, but oddly I'm supposed to do the makeover myself, ahead of time. They want me to submit "before" and "after" pictures, so I will try to remember to have Husband take a picture of me the moment I wake up (before I put on my make-up), when I should be suitably hideous. I'm planning to cut my own hair tomorrow (a flaw-free plan!), so I will likely be quite gorgeous for the "after." Maybe I'll put on false eyelashes. And wear my bifocals. Ha.

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