Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Y2 Day 35: An Odds-and-Ends Kinda Day

Since I still don't know exactly when I'll start working as a Math Practice Guide (though I have more training tomorrow and Friday), I've been somewhat at loose ends this week, so I decided to tackle some larger projects. Today's project was: My Betsy-Tacy Convention Diary! Which is going to be a challenge, since many of my experiences at this year's Convention were decidedly negative, mostly because people are jerks, but partly because I didn't get a lot of sleep and was over-tired and over-emotional and possibly over-alcoholed and just in general had a thin skin. But still. Some people were jerks to me. This cannot be overstated. And my previous practice was to share my diary with the Maud-L e-list, but clearly that cannot happen in this case without some serious editing. So — an interesting challenge.

I also attended a meeting of my new church committee, Leadership Development, and so far I am in love with this committee. We met at the home of one of our members and drank wine and had stylish and delicious snacks and did some good work. I am very excited! I think it will be a lot of fun.

And: I just watched the first hour of the presidential debate and must grudgingly admit that the guy who is not my guy is doing a very good job. It brought me back to the dark days of the Dick Cheney debates, when this cold, dreadful man somehow managed to appear charming and avuncular. I loathe and despise Dick Cheney, but he is an excellent debater. Ah, democracy.

My weight was WAY down this morning. I am on such a good roll! The weekend is always a challenge, but I will do my darndest to keep up my good work.

I drank a lot of wine at tonight's committee meeting. I may be just a tiny bit drunky. Perhaps I'll close now.

Zumba tomorrow, with Sexy Dancey Nancy! Plus, lunch with my elderly friend Mrs. Professor. And a three-day weekend coming up! Much to look forward to.

And so, to bed.

—Lady C

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