Friday, October 5, 2012

Y2 Day 37: One Thing

Many, many years ago, my dear friend KT and I made a plan: We would do "one thing," each day, to make ourselves healthier, and then report it to each other.

(I say "to make ourselves healthier" but it's possible that back then we actually came right out and said "to lose weight." But since that time, KT did lose a ton of weight due to a health challenge called "burning mouth syndrome," and I suspect that she would use different wording today — and while I truly do want to lose weight, of course my overarching goal is to be healthier. KT, darling girl, feel free to weigh in on this.)

Since that time (which was at least 12 years ago), I have often thought of the "one thing" concept: What "one thing" did I do today to make myself a healthier person?

Today, my first response is, "I didn't order wine at lunch!" But I think the "one thing" should be something you did, rather than something you didn't do.

Though it's true: I had my annual quarterly lunch date with the lovely woman who holds my former job at EDC, and I really really really wanted to have a glass of wine, or several, with my lunch, and instead I ordered only water, and I felt skinny and virtuous.


I then came home to a mountain of editing work (I'm trying to remind myself that this is GOOD, work is GOOD, money is GOOD) and a total absence of e-mail offers to drive my son to the weekly medieval role-play class that he and his friends do, despite the fact that last week I organized the carpool because one mom was in the hospital, plus I had the group send her flowers, and I made sure that all four boys had a ride and that the family with the sick mom knew that they could call on me if they needed anything — but this week, apparently, the other three boys all went together and didn't offer a ride to Li'l Martini.

This makes me insane.

So I drove Li'l Martini to his class (3:30 p.m., tons of traffic, took me half an hour to get there and 25 minutes to get home), then, after waiting to see if someone would offer to pick him up — NO — drove back to get him, 20 minutes, then sat in the parking lot waiting for class to be over, 15 minutes, then drove him home, 20 minutes. And all of that time I could have been editing and getting paid for it.

So, my "one thing" of having water rather than wine was immediately vanquished by the FOUR MARGARITAS I poured myself to address my stress.

I ate smallish, produce-heavy meals today, but I suspect that the FOUR MARGARITAS will affect my weight tomorrow.

C'est la vie. This is everyone's fault but mine!!!

I had intended to walk down the hill after dinner and run errands in our village, and the walk would have been my "one thing," but instead Martini convinced me to watch our videotape of Survivor after dinner, and then Mimosa and I cuddled up to watch our tape of Glee (a very sad episode), and we held hands and wept, and honestly? One-on-one time with my kids like that is a pretty awesome thing. It may not contribute to my physical health in any way, but my mental health? It is singing.

No, NOT because of FOUR MARGARITAS. Shut up. Though, yes, I am a little drunky. Yes. Pretty much definitely so.

Tomorrow the plan is (1) chores, (2) cleaning the utility room (hideous; it hasn't been deep-cleaned since Husband's father died in 2004), (3) decorating the house for Halloween, (4) enjoying my secret post-Halloween-decor treat (multiple types of candy corn, for a four-flavor taste-off!), (5) boy/girl movies (Hotel Transylvania and Pitch Perfect), and (6) dinner at Macaroni Grill! It will be a GREAT day! OK, cleaning the utility room will be all kinds of gross, but oh! how happy I will be when it's done!!!

<< note:  . . . long pause between that sentence and next ones . . . >>

Maybe I'll do a sit-up or something before I go to bed. Now I really am feeling kind of useless.

Hmm. It took me a long time to type that last sentence. Tequila . . . why you no my friend?

bye now. sigh.

—Lady C, who always fashioned herself a "social drinker," except, does it count when your "society" comprises one non-drinking adult and two children?

But tequila, man. Soooo good.

I meant to say, "p.s."


  1. Lady V -- aka Jen&#39;s dear friend KT, a title I am proud to waveOctober 6, 2012 at 12:07 PM

    Maybe, since we're now Oh, so old and wise, and considering inflation of all things (including our bodies, sniff) we need to do more than one positive thing? Or develop a pro con sheet: i.e. (I'll go first here, shall I?) PRO Walked eight miles. CON Ate out and ignored all the things I know to be true and wise and good, the things I have learned my body likes. Thus instead of having a salad, no alcohol and splitting a dessert with my OTL and making the outing and not the food my treat, I had a cocktail, salad, pasta and a whole dessert. Thus I felt lousy and slept through a Gershwin musical (which is like saying I slept through receiving a million-dollar Lotto check). I liked it lots better when "they" hadn't invented all these yummy cocktalia. I am 64 1/2: wouldn't you think I'd be able to control myself instead of fantasizing about making gingerbread as a thank you (but only taking him half)? When do I stop thinking like a whiny toddler?

  2. Hey, did you make those FOUR MARGARITAS with your Avion Tequila Birthday Gift? How is that stuff?
    Mrs. Cynicletary