Sunday, October 7, 2012

Y2 Day 39: Sukkot!

Every year around this time, since our kids were small, we've been invited to our neighbors' sukkah for a pizza dinner to celebrate this cool Jewish festival. In our neighborhood there are four girls who've grown up together, and even though Mimosa and Angel-Daughter aren't that close to the other two girls any more, we've all been friends for so long that it's a very comfortable relationship — a little like extended family. We drink wine and seltzer and grape juice, we eat pizza and veggies and dessert, the kids run around outdoors with flashlights (except this year the girls, who are all 15 now, were not interested in doing that, to Li'l Martini's deep disappointment), and the grown-ups talk and laugh and catch up. It's a lovely tradition and one I always look forward to.

As Husband and I headed back home afterward, we reflected on the fact that our children are being exposed to much richer cultural traditions than either of us grew up with. On Christmas Eve, which we spend with the Cynicletarys, they have the experience of being one of the few white people in the room, and during the year, because of the generosity of our neighbors, we are included in a number of Jewish holidays. It is pretty cool.

Of course, to them it's just life. Among Martini's besties, HoneyBear has two mommies, Shrieki speaks fluent Japanese, Nonstop's sister has Down syndrome. Diversity abounds.

Before heading to our neighbor's house, Mimosa and I visited another friend's sukkah and had so much fun! A bunch of Dallin School moms were there, and when we appeared, a loud glad cry went up: "LADY CHARDONNAY!!!!!" Apparently, I am missed — the new PTO administration hasn't quite gotten its act together yet. I know that they will be fine; still, it's always lovely to hear that one is moving into "legendary" status. "Ah — back in Lady C's time . . ." the stories will begin. Hee.

It was a fun day. My Sunday School lesson went really well, Mimosa was a rock star, and we celebrated with a delicious lunch at Za. I tried to do some editing this afternoon but I was exhausted and needed to rest my eyes for a bit — and then came the Night of Two Sukkah Visits. Big full fun day.

But as for weight loss: I do so well all week and my weight goes down; then comes the weekend, and I party and eat at restaurants and drink wine and don't exercise, and my weight responds accordingly. Maybe I need to move my weigh-ins to Wednesday. I dunno.

The kids are home tomorrow. I need to buckle down and work hard in the morning, and then maybe I'll take a long walk, lift weights and stuff, and then take Mimosa to a movie and eat, like, soup and salad for dinner. That sounds pretty good, actually. I hope it works out that way!

I know I should go to bed, but I want to edit at least a few more pages. My work ethic — it never sleeps. But I will not set an alarm for tomorrow — que sera, sera.

—Lady C

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