Monday, October 8, 2012

Y2 Day 40: Cold

As in, I am AND I think I've caught one. Mimosa was sick all last week and Husband was in bed all day today — and I've been blowing my nose and sneezing all day and now am shivering and achy and tired and glandy. I've been chasing off this cold for a couple of weeks, but I think it's caught me.

I did have a fun day with the kids, though, and got some good work done. And I don't have to start as a Math Practice Guide at dawn tomorrow, as I'd expected, because "my" school isn't organized and isn't ready for me. Yay? I'm very glad to get to sleep in a little, even though I do have a ton of editing work still to do.

Short post today, got to get into a steaming bath and then a warm bed. Drug of choice: Mucinex. I'll feel better in the morning, I know it.

Honk, blow. Good night!

—Lady "Vitamin" C

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