Thursday, October 11, 2012

Y2 Day 43: Two Steps Forward, One Step — Oh, You Know

This cold that has been dancing around me for what feels like weeks now has finally hit hard; I am a bleary-eyed nose-blowing influenza hag, also a little incontinent. Because I'm old.

I am as gross as all giddy-up, in other words.

So no zumba tonight, but not much food either; I had Magic Hot and Sour Soup from our local Chinese place, then slapped together sandwiches for the kids (Husband is at the symphony, la-di-da) and climbed into a hot bath with a thermos of tea and my bottle of Mucinex. I have a stack of enticing library books, but I kept semi-dozing.

I did start my life as a Math Practice Guide today (the cold kicked in after), and though all I did was assess kids today, to establish a baseline, it was WICKED FUN. I am going to love this. Though one of "my" kids looks like he's got the heartbreak of psoriasis or something; I need to find out what's going on there.

OK! To bed.

Oh, one last thing: Mrs. Professor's husband is doing better, and feeling mentally better too, after a great talk with our minister, and she seems much calmer and less stressed. And the husband of my pal in Minnesota doesn't have cancer after all; he's likely got cirrhosis, which is no picnic, but still. WAY better diagnosis.

The Parkinson's guy is still dead though. No good news there.

My ears itch and my nose is already sore from being blown. It's gonna be a loooooong night.

—Lady C

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