Friday, October 12, 2012

Y2 Day 44: Ways to Make 6

This is what I learned at Math Practice Guide training today — many many many ways to teach kids how to make 6. I've got a Cave Game, a Wall Game, a Hiding Game, Toothpick Patterns, snapping cubes, paper squares, toothpicks . . . For a games girl like me, this is Total Fun.

But I am still sick; I sat away from the other Guides, hunching over a bottle of Purell like one of the witches in MacBeth, as the pile of soggy tissues in the dustbin behind me grew ever higher. Sick sick sick. I even had to cancel my monthly lunch with Mrs. Cynicletary (who said, "Our lunch was my only reason to live today, but never mind." She is a good girl).

I feel like I'm eating hardly anything, but my weight isn't going down at all. Every part of me is clogged, even the weight-loss parts. It's grossity-gross-gross. And not fun.

So I'm calling it a day. As noted, I have a huge stack of awesome new library books, plus three episodes of Medium, plus The Birds and Notting Hill on DVD, and if that's not a get-well double feature, I don't know what is.

Honk sniffle blow. GROSS.

—Lady C, which rhymes with T, and that stands for Too Too Too Sick Already

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