Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Y2 Day 49: Fried Treats and Weakness

Today was chockablock with interesting tidbits — I was a good mama and took my eldest cherub to breakfast (high school didn't start till 9:30 for some reason); then was a good friend and wrote a long e-mail to a suffering soul sister and mailed her a care package; then was a good worker-bee and did some editing, finishing what I could (I'm currently juggling several jobs — I am smokin'); then was a good Math Guide and had so much fun with my two little groups of adorableness (who knew there were so many ways to play with combinations of six?!); and finally was good to my family (and, I suppose, myself) by making a delicious and nutritious dinner that included a cooked and a raw vegetable and a fresh fruit. Oh, and I should add that I was a good wife first thing in the a.m. (not that, you perv) and begged Husband to tell me what a BFOQ is, and it actually was interesting.

But here's what's on my mind: Mimosa and I were watching Ellen (she had no homework, I decided I'd been good enough) and Husband brought us each a doughnut, usually my most favorite treat. Except, I'd had a late lunch and wasn't really hungry, and, after biting into it, I decided that it really didn't taste that good.

And yet, I ate the whole thing, even as I wondered aloud why I was doing so. And the short answer is: laziness. I knew someone else would appreciate it, so I didn't want to throw it away, but the effort of getting up, going to the kitchen, seeking a container of some sort, and then washing my hands — no. Just the thought fatigued me.

So I ate the doughnut and enjoyed nothing about the experience.

(Husband, when you read this, stop kicking yourself. This is exactly 0 percent your fault. Possibly less than zero. Stop that now and come cuddle your wife.)

Why why why why am I such an idiot?????

And my weight's actually been going down this week, even though I haven't been able to do any exercise on non-zumba days. But Jennie Garth's words — "In general, there's been a lot less eating" — are imprinted on my brain, and I say that to myself every time I have a meal, and I really think it's helping as my new mantra.

Oh, well. It's done.

I wonder if there's any way I can motivate myself to exercise between now and when Survivor starts. It's pitch black outside, even though it's only 7 p.m. A few months ago, I would've headed out for a walk. Now I just want to hunker under covers, it feels like the dead of night. I have got to figure out how to fit a daytime walk into my schedule, because I have clearly lost "nighttime" as an exercise possibility. Also, we just ate, and even though I'm not stuffed, exercising immediately after eating feels — well, unpleasant, frankly.

Maybe I'll just lift weights, so I can say I did something.

I wore my good navy pants to the school today, and they kept sliding down. Another pair of pants to take in! So that's some good news for today.

Off to lift!

—Lady C

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