Thursday, October 18, 2012

Y2 Day 50: Zumba Sweat

Tonight was Sexy Dancey Nancy's class, which is somewhat easier than the Italian Spitfire's but still a good workout. But Dancey has upped her game and made us work more than usual, which was awesome!

I am so sick of not seeing the scale needle budge. My plan is to push hard on Friday and Saturday to exercise both days and eat small meals. (And I don't have much scheduled either day, so that should actually work out well for me.) I've been at 252 forever.

Though it's great to have so much editing work, plus my daily low-paying but super-fun visit to the school to Do Math (today was a short session; I calculated that I made $18.75, sigh), it definitely puts a crimp in my goal of near-daily workouts. But it will let up soon, I'm sure.

(Not next week, though; I have a giant job that will consume me. Ah, money.)

I am really stinky. Must take bath pronto!!

—Lady C

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