Friday, October 19, 2012

Y2 Day 51: Lunch With My Girlfriend

I love fall best of all the seasons, and today I got this panicky feeling — it's October 19! Fall is almost over! Why are the trees mostly still green??? We haven't gone apple-picking yet (and probably won't; our favey orchard and winery ran out of apples due to a wicked early frost) nor chosen our pumpkins, nor have Li'l Martini and I figured out his costume. (He finally decided to be a punk; the one thing we know for sure is that he'll spike his hair, for which I already have the product, but I don't know exactly what he'll wear.) Time is fleeting!

Today I went from thing to thing to thing — math meeting! library! bank! lunch! edit! make dinner! rehearse church skit! — so no time for exercise; also, I seem to have pulled something in my right leg, and I limped all the way to lunch. But! My good black pants are very loose now and I should probably take them in this weekend (along with my good navy pants, which fit like clown pants. Yes, I know that what I really need to do is go shopping, but this is not a reward to me. Particularly not pants shopping, shudder). Even though the scale needle hasn't moved, my body continues to reshape itself and firm up.

Seriously. I almost get high feeling my own biceps. They are awesome.

The highlight of my day was my fabby lunch with my dearest darling Mrs. Cynicletary. When I left EDC a few years back, I wildly underestimated the impact of not seeing my beloved friend every day, so we quickly instituted a regular monthly lunch date. (I'd love to see her every day, though.) We ate at Margarita's and it was tons o' fun — fine food, spirited conversation, and raucous laughter, for two full hours. (She has an understanding boss.)

And my editing job is done, and I have no work this weekend!! I mean, I have a thousand things to do on Sunday, but no editing work. My goal is to spend less than an hour on the computer each day. We shall see. (And of course my other goal is to exercise and eat little and have a good weigh-in. Well, today . . . not so much, though I had a salad for lunch plus wine and a vegetable-heavy dinner, but of course no exercise due to crippled right leg. Will the scale be my friend anyway? Only time will tell.)

We did have a million vegetables for dinner: roasted broccoli, cauliflower gratin, horseradish beets, and sweet-and-sour carrots, plus leftover apple salad and some Trader Joe's meatballs. And it was yummy!

OK! Time to get off the computer and start my weekend. TGIF!!!

—Lady C

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  1. If this was Facebook, I would "like" this post! And lunch was closer to three hours, partly because of so much to talk about and partly because of the SLOWEST waiter ever.
    Love you!
    Mrs. Cynicletary