Saturday, October 20, 2012

Y2 Day 52: When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

(I miss you most of all, my darling.)

I once had a friend, Tonya the Jazz Singer, who did a kick-ass version of "Autumn Leaves." I wonder where she is now and if she's still singing?* I told her to make a CD, and she laughed and said, "I wish." But I'd love to listen to her singing now. Oh, well.

(My real estate guy, Buddy Bill, also sings and did make a CD, and I do in fact listen to it all the time. Everyone should have a CD!)

So today was my day to get serious, remember? and so far (as of 6:39 p.m.) it's gone quite well. I had small healthy meals for breakfast and lunch and just took a long walk, and I'm about to go lift weights and work my core before taking my bath. I'm thinking that dinner will be something like an apple and a handful of edamame (my lunch was biggish), and I will go to bed slightly hungry, a weight-loss tip that was working for me but I kinda forgot about.

It was a ridiculously busy day, though; I'm doing a presentation at church tomorrow on "truth," so I had to prepare my visual aids (a motley collection: the word TRUTH, the Sesame Street logo and Oscar the Grouch, Harry Potter flying on a broomstick, and the Fox News logo, all of which I drew by hand — don't you wish you were coming to my church tomorrow?), plus it was Chore Day, plus I had to get Mimosa to and from karate because Husband was wooing potential freshmen at an open house (his wooing partner was a comely coed sporting a nose ring), plus all the other small things I needed to do the get rid of the piles that build up during the week, which I've trained myself not to see and stress over because I know I'll deal with them on Saturday.

But the house is clean, and I'm ready for tomorrow (which will be a crazy hellish day of back-to-back events, but whatev), and I did everything I could to be fit and lean today.

And I figured out that my best exercise time during the week will be right after the kids get home from school; I'll make sure they're all squared away with healthy snacks and homework, then I'll strap on my sneaks and head out while there's still daylight and I'm still motivated. I can make myself edit at night, but I can't make myself exercise at night, so I think this will work pretty well.

Off to lift! And then enjoy my tasty Scooby Snack of edamame. Yum!

—Lady C, fit and lean (ish)

* I just Googled her and to my amazement found her right away — and she does have a CD! I will have to check it out. Except, I want to hear her to sing old jazz standards, not original pop songs. But still. Pretty cool! I am very happy for my old friend.

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