Sunday, October 21, 2012

Y2 Day 53: Breakthrough!

Today's scale reading: 248.5


(I am currently babysitting Good Neighbor Anne's scale, for a variety of reasons, so I've take to weighing myself both places, and I LOVE her scale because it has me at 247.2. But I didn't start on that one so I don't count it. Still, it's a nice rush to see that number!)

A lot less eating + a lot more exercise — I think I'm on to something! I am totally writing a book.

Off to my crazy day. I'm not sure when I'll fit in exercise; we're planning to have dinner at our local Mexican joint, so maybe I'll walk there and back. We'll see.

Anyway. Just wanted to share the happy!

—Lady C, a shadow of her former self

p.s. I'm mostly all recovered from last week's wretched cold, yet I'm still coughing up pounds of crap. When does it end???

p.p.s. My last recorded weight on Fat Secret was 248, so I didn't record this one; still, I'm close enough that it feels like victory. Yay for me!!!

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