Monday, October 22, 2012

Y2 Day 54: I *May* Have Expressed This Opinion Before

I knew that Sunday would be crazy, but sister? Crazy was an understatement.

My day began with an e-mail from an old friend that made me livid, so I was already not at my best. But we got to church and did our skit on TRUTH, it was *very* well-received (one friend said it was the best Time For All Ages she'd ever seen!!), and I cheered up, a little.

But the next event brought me right back down.

I'm on a new committee at church, Leadership Development. Three times a year, this group sponsors Leadership Roundtables on some topic related to leadership. We had one scheduled for yesterday, but last spring Membership begged us to co-host with them, as they wanted to do a presentation on "extravagant welcoming." Fine, said our leader. Sounds great.

But it wasn't ever clearly spelled out what "co-hosting" meant, and it was only in the last two weeks that it occurred to someone that we might want to spell out what was LD's responsibility and what was Membership's — except we never actually said it that way, and so we never came up with a straightforward simple plan. (Because — may I just mention? — I wasn't driving this.) Instead, it was seven women e-mailing back and forth, cc'ing everyone every single time, discussing every single iteration of what would happen on the Sunday in question. And when I finally grabbed the bull's horns and started pulling everything together in an organized numbered list . . . they mostly ignored me.

(I think that numbered lists scare them. They're narrative girls.)

But what it came down to is that my LD partner and I were in charge of the food; she placed the order with Panera, I would be on hand to pick up and distribute it. At 11:30 a.m. I was outside, waiting for the Panera guy.

And I waited.

And I waited.

At 11:45, I started making calls. "Huh?" said the Panera manager. "We don't have an order from you."

"WHAT?" said my LD partner, when I finally reached her. "I called to confirm it TWICE."

Manager was soooo apologetic, promises that our next order is free — but in the meantime, it's noon and I've got 55 hungry people and no food.

My friend and I ran across the street to Subway and had them make us 32 sandwiches, packaged in halves. I also bought 31 small bags of Sun Chips. It took quite a while. I sweated, some. Not one single second of it was fun.

It all worked out, of course. But it was NOT FUN. Not one single second of it.

And then it was time for Commitment #3: the three hours of babysitting I'd donated to our church auction months ago, which, for one reason or another, kept getting rescheduled. But today was the day! (When I agreed to this date, I didn't know about the other two commitments. Yes, I should be committed. Yes, I know.)

Honestly, this wouldn't have been bad at all; the boys are darling, and I only had one of them for half the time, since he'd just been invited on a special playdate. But — these are boys who have never heard the word "no" in their entire lives. During the hour I was in their house (before we went to the playground), we had a CD on at top volume while big brother climbed on furniture placed on top of furniture, then jumped from that to the nearest chair, and flung what looked like real musical instruments down the stairs . . . while his parents laughed and clapped.

And I really like these parents. They are cool, interesting people. It was . . . speechless-making.

But the baby and I went to the playground, and even though he said "Mama? Mama?" so sadly, so wistfully, every five minutes, we had a very sweet time.

And then it was all over, and I went straight to our Mexican place and had two big glasses of wine. My family joined me, but they were not my focus. Oh, wine! Sweet blessed nectar!!

OH! Bad crazy long crazy day!!!!!!

Today was better, though also with moments of craziness — clients acting surprised that I want to be paid for my work, so dealing with that was lots of "fun," and then my math-practice kids were a little antsy and I had to speak sharply to one of my girls who would not stop fiddling with the cubes and dropping them on the floor!

I am such a schoolmarm.

And I had it all worked out that I would take my walk at 3:30, but I have so much editing work piling up, and I thought, "Let me just do this one little job for California client and get it off my plate, and then I'll walk" — except that it wasn't as little as I'd thought, and it took an hour and a half, and Husband and I were being interviewed at the church (long story) at 6, and I had to get dinner for the kids . . .  so, yeah, I didn't walk. I am an idiot. I have to cattle-prod myself out of this chair!!!

(My whole week is consumed with work — editing work, math practice work, church work . . . I'm going to a Halloween party on Sunday, and even that requires work. I really need a day off pretty soon!!!)

The interview went fine (selected church couples are being interviewed to get a sense of how much money we might be able to raise in our upcoming capital campaign; the churchmouse-poor Chardonnays were highly amused to be invited to the party) and we had Indian food afterward, just the two of us, on a date, and it was lots of fun. Husband told me a great joke about a lie-detecting robot and a terribly unfunny joke about two brooms getting married. He is adorable. And I didn't marry him for his jokes.

So, as I often say: Not my best weight-loss day, not my worst.

Tomorrow will be better.

—Lady C, whose Indian name is Doesn't Play Well With Others


  1. MR. Lady Chardonnay (aka Husband)October 23, 2012 at 10:19 AM

    Really? You didn't marry me for my jokes? I mean, I knew that my dental plan was reason #1, the free (well, sort of) Masters' degree from Northeastern was #2, but I was SURE the jokes were something like #4 or #5 (although you've never exactly said it out loud -- or indicated it in any other was -- I just KNOW that #3 would be the sex)!!

    1. Honey, the sex is #3, #4, AND #5. Your excellent jokes are, like, #19.

      Have I told you lately that I love you? ;)