Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Y2 Day 55: Queen of First Grade

Ah, yesterday was just a bad cranky day (preceded by a bad hellish crazy day), and also it's my special lady-time and I'm expelling blood like I've been gutted, and it's just not the funnest week ever so far. (And poor Husband is likewise crazybusy and overwhelmed and getting behind, and it's not good at the Chardonnay homestead when both Mama and Daddy are on the brink of losing it. Life needs to freaking let up, pretty darn soon.)

But anyway — the antidote to crankiness is most definitely doing math practice with my first- and second-graders! I got to school just as my dear friend and math-practice partner SuperDad got there and as my first group of first-graders came in from recess, and they began jumping up and down and calling, "Hi, Lady Chardonnay!!! Hi, Lady Chardonnay!!!!" SO cute!! And I worked with a new group today, two kids in grade 2, and they actively groaned when I said it was time for me to leave. I felt popular and giddy. The time simply flies.

I still have so much editing work to do, though, and there are so many other things that keep interfering! Like, today:
  • Physical therapy appointment for my arthritic knee; took me an hour to get there in rush-hour traffic (my fault for scheduling a 9 a.m. appointment, I don't know what I was thinking), then half an hour for the appointment and another half hour to go to the bank and drive home.
  • Math practice, which was awesome but still.
  • Picking up Li'l Martini and his glock, only he forgot his glock and had to go back into the school to get it. 
  • Picking up our last CSA share for the year, plus doing a little grocery shopping for needed essentials.
  • Zumba!!
Nothing on this list is a bad thing, but it adds up to many hours that I didn't get to edit. To get through this enormous document, I've given myself a goal of 27 (single-spaced) pages per day, which is a lot, but that's the only way I'll be done by 5 p.m. on Friday. However, today I only managed to do 20. I will have to make it up tomorrow (when I "only" need to gas up my car and have some air put in my tires, do more math practice, squeeze in a small job for a long-term awesome client, have an hour-long meeting with Mimosa and her Youth Group leader, cook a nice dinner with the chicken I defrosted yesterday and some of the vegetables from our share, and hopefully squeeze in a walk plus this new physical therapy I've been assigned — no problem!).

Bath time. The book I'm reading (I think it's called Heartbroken, by Lisa Unger) is insanely good, and I've only been able to read it in little bits at a time. But I think I'll finish it tonight. Once again, I have an enormous stack of library books that I've hardly been able to touch, and it's starting to feel oppressive. Life needs to freaking let up!!!

(I hardly ate at all today and then did zumba, so my weight should be stunning tomorrow — even though it's a Xanadu weight, it still gives me a lift.)

Good night!

—Lady C, popular girl

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