Thursday, October 25, 2012

Y2 Day 57: Si Très Fatigué

This was me at zumba tonight.

Today I woke up sporting Foghorn Leghorn's voice and coughing like a TB patient, so I canceled my one Math Practice session (I only have two groups on Thursday, and one class had a field trip today anyway) and stayed home and drank tea and worked on my enormous editing job and coughed, and I feel somewhat better.

I was on the fence about zumba — partly because of my TB and partly because I had just finished eating dinner — but Mimosa said she thought I should go, and I am trying to be Good Role Model Mommy, so I went. But I truly just phoned it in and barely broke a sweat. (I couldn't have gotten away with it in the Italian Spitfire's class, but Sexy Danci Nanci is more forgiving.)

This week's CSA share contained two giant bulbs of anise, of all things, which I had no idea what to do with, but after some Googling I learned that anise and fennel are fairly interchangeable and I found a recipe for Fennel Slaw that sounded pretty good, and we had it tonight and it is sensational. Cabbage, thinly sliced anise/fennel, scallions, some chopped cooked bacon, and a vinegar-mayo dressing. Truly yummy! Anise, who knew?

Time for bath and bed. My glands ache, my sinuses are weary, I am a sick sad kitten. Tomorrow I have my weekly Math Guide meeting, then home to edit edit edit (I have GOT to finish this job tomorrow!!), and then I'm taking the kids to Burlington for a variety of errands — and then probably home to edit some more, I don't think I can do my final read of 110 pages in the four-hour window I've got. But I'll certainly give it my best.

Yawn, sneeze, cough, sigh. To all a good night.

—Lady C

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