Saturday, October 27, 2012

Y2 Day 59: Thwarted!

I read about it in the AAA newsletter and it sounded enchanting — a jack o' lantern festival at the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, Rhode Island. What a lovely thing to do on a warm fall evening! Though we got a somewhat late start; my mom called to inquire about our prep for the upcoming Nor'easter (she loves reading about large weather in other states and is constantly calling to ask me about some storm we're having; more than half the time, said storm is nonexistent in my neighborhood. I've tried to explain to her that newscasters want viewers, like every other TV show, but she ain't buying it — and anyway, we're a bad pair, because she takes weather warnings over-seriously and I don't take them seriously at all; our preparation for this Nor'easter, for which they're already canceling school events, has been exactly: zero), and I had to fill her in on everything happening in our lives and hear all about hers (punctuated with sentences like "I have to get off the phone now, I really want to take a shower before we go to the zoo"), and that all took an hour.

And who's to say whether it would have made a difference, but when we got to Rhode Island around 6:30, the line of cars to get into the zoo was CRAZY, so we decided to go to dinner first instead. We ended up at a very nice place called Gregg's, where I had a delicious patty melt and coleslaw and hot tea (I felt myself sliding back into sickness, all the tubes and pipes in my head were scratchy and achy). HoneyBear, my other son, had come with us, and we had a truly rollicking time, laughing and playing cards.

And then we headed back to the zoo and were informed by a kind but weary traffic cop . . . that they were overfull, no more visitors tonight.


We went all that way to NOT see jack o' lanterns. I can't believe it.

(I guess I had the idea that this would be a smallish event, known only to me and a handful of zoo neighbors.)

(I am an eejit.)

But Husband pointed out that we'd had a lot of fun, which was true, and we continued to laugh all the way home, as HoneyBear informed us he was going through puberty right here, right this minute, in the backseat of our car, and he and Martini decided to hit on some girls (I said, "You realize that 'hitting on them' doesn't mean you actually 'hit' them, right?"), and Husband told us about the Mormon on the subway who tried to convert him, and Mimosa and I tried to write a musical about squash, and oh so much more. It was very jolly.

And now we're home, the kids are eating pink Cake for the Cure, and I'm about to have a coffee and climb into bed.

It was a lovely day and I did take a walk, though I'm still ill and coughing so didn't go as far as usual. But it was a truly lovely day.

And tomorrow will be another one!

(I have got to get well. This is getting ridiculous.)

One final but very important note: Happy birthday to my darling friend Zanzibar!!!! Zanny and I met during my junior year in college; she was the "adult" who lived down the hall, one of our dorm mamas (we called them Preceptors). I thought she was wildly exotic and cool. She'd painted one wall of her apartment sky blue and one wall lavender; she cooked things like cream of broccoli soup (I'd never heard of this before!) and made margaritas in her blender (my dorm was still drinking things like vodka and Dr. Pepper); she had a big white lamp shaped like a pear; she was tall and beautiful and sexy and men went wild for her. But she was also adorably shy, and for a few months we made bashful friendship overtures to each other. I honestly can't remember how we actually sealed the deal, but here we are, three decades later, besties for life. I think of her as my most sensual friend and most fervent cheerleader, and I love her to pieces. (Dearest Z, I am late with a card, but here's proof that I'm thinking of you on your natal day!)

Off to bed. Sweet dreams, peeps!

—Lady C

p.s. I drove all the way to Rhode Island to eat a patty melt.

My life is just ridiculous.


  1. Aaa and happy happy birthday to Zan from that town where we all met...wish we were all celebrating together! J., where it still your BD.