Sunday, October 28, 2012

Y2 Day 60: My Public Shame, Also Gypsies

This freaking cold of mine — will it never end? Today poor Husband woke up with a relapse, clutching his throat and moaning. I asked the kids how they were, and Li'l Martini said, "My nose is congested and sometimes my throat hurts" and Mimosa said, "I'm still coughing up snot." No one seems really sick, we're just endlessly sick. At what point do I haul us all in to see a doctor?

But anyway, today in church (I sat away from people and didn't touch anyone's hands) our minister was praying about the beauty to be found in silence . . . and I began to cough. And cough. And cough. I finally jumped up and ran to the bathroom, where I proceeded to cough so hard I almost threw up. (Later, Sexy Em said, "Was that you? Hilarious." Sigh.)

It was one of those days where I went from thing to thing to thing, all day long. We got our pumpkins, plus three bags of cat litter, plus I did some accidental Christmas shopping. (One of my favey stores, Newbury Comics, is going out of business, so I bought presents for Mimosa and Husband and Season 6 of Buffy for myself — it was so cheap!!!). I read most of the enormous pile of newspapers that had piled up. I had intended to take a walk, but by the time I could've conceivably done it, the rain had started. (Boston is preparing for Hurricane Sandy in earnest; tomorrow is being canceled right and left.) And I could've walked on my treadmill, of course, but honestly? I did zumba on Thursday and felt sicker later; I walked yesterday and today had an endless coughing fit. I'm not sure that exercise is helping me get better. I'm not sure what will help me get better.

And, of course, I coughed. Probably 500 times. And the evening's still young!

This year both kids are wearing costumes assembled from parts I have around the house, so I've been a tad lax about pulling the whole thing together because I have confidence that it will work out. (Assembling Halloween costumes for my kids is one of my special talents.) The kids, though, are just a tad worried, since there's no finished costume hanging on their doors as in years past. Nonetheless, today I created a Gypsy costume for Mimosa out of my own scarves, beads, and medallion-trimmed skirt, and her purple shirt and bangle bracelets; she looks AMAZING. I just dropped her off at the Youth Group Halloween party, and she sauntered in, singing "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves." Love my girl!

(Martini will be an equally fetching punk on Wednesday, I know it.)

No school tomorrow. I have to finish my giant editing job, but since I don't have to go be a Math Guide (school is canceled for me too!) I should be done by mid-day. Maybe then I'll take the long walk I intended to take all weekend, depending on the weather, of course. But I enjoy big weather — if it's not pouring rain, I think walking in wind will be fun. We shall see!

(Despite my flippant tone, I am praying for all those who have been badly affected by this hurricane.)

Time for Midwife, hot coffee, and, likely, a few more coughing fits. I am so ready to be well again!!!!

—Lady C, sad to have missed today's Betsy-Tacy Halloween Party, but there was just no way


  1. Not to depress (or scare, if you are around very young children), but whooping cough is on the rise and it hit my school last year. For those who have been "fixed" it can present as a bad cold with a cough that last FOREVER. (Babies - especially those who haven't had their shots yet - are hit worse, with the intake of breath at the end of a coughing fit which gives it is common name.) My students just did a PSA on it, can you tell? Hang in there!

  2. All Newbury Comics is going out of business!??!

    SDF, suddenly wide awake with alarm!