Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Y2 Day 62: Halloween Zumba!

This isn't my class — ours was HUGE, and in a bigger darker space — but you get the idea. The Italian Spitfire hosted a giganto zumba Halloween party, a half-hour longer class than usual and with six teachers, and it was a blast. Though a tad challenging with that many people (every teacher invited her own class, so we were sardine-packed as we danced and boogied). I got very sweaty but was afraid to blot my face and smear my make-up. (I came as a cat. I am always a cat. It was intriguing to do zumba with a tail.)

Funnest thing of all: Dancing the "Thriller" dance with a roomful of costumed people!

Other nice things that happened today:
  • A fun e-mail exchange with my sparkly friend Cheerleader Cari, who lives in Washington State. We had vowed that we would be writing buddies, checking in once a week (on what we dubbed Writer Wednesdays) — in fact, she said, "I have set it on my phone calendar for a weekly reminder on Wednesdays at 10 am my time, repeating weekly, ending never," which I loved — and then we both fell right off that wagon, non-writing klutzes that we are. She wonders if we should try to do NaNoWriMo, but we're both crazybusy right now; I think we should choose our own month, like January. Anyway! It's always a special treat to talk to her. We both hate that we live so far apart.
  • Several things checked off my to-do list (one small editing job today, that was it; I'd planned to do some yard clean-up with the kids, but then it started raining. Oh, well!).
  • My lowest weight since I started this journey: 245.5!!! Leeleeleebossa.
Quick post tonight, I need to get to the shower. Ninety minutes of zumba — man. A girl does sweat.

Happy All Hallows Eve Eve!

—Lady C

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