Thursday, November 1, 2012

Y2 Day 64: Mission . . . Possible? 
It occurred to me that (a) I have some newish readers (b) who may well see statements like "I ate fried oysters and white wine, topped off with Peanut M&M'S and white chocolate Kit-Kats" (c) on what they believe to be a diet blog (d) and wonder "WTF, Lady C?"

And maybe not, maybe you're all grooving right along with me as I attempt to lose 138 pounds the slooooooowest possible way, but just in case I thought I'd try developing a "mission statement" of sorts, to reorient us all as needed.

(Husband is now either groaning or rolling his eyes. He thinks mission statements are ridiculous. I think they are awesome and important. And yet we stay married. Truelove is amazing.)
(That's our mission statement: "Stay married." It's gotten us through a lot, believe me.)

So, a quick review of where I was:
  • I weighed 287 pounds, having gained 100 pounds (5 pounds a year) since I met Husband, zooming toward 300, with no end in sight
  • I ate at restaurants at least six times a week, possibly more, and finished my entire meal at least half the time — we also brought in deli sandwiches and/or pizza at least once a week
  • I ordered wine or a margarita 90 percent of the time I ate at a restaurant
  • I took one zumba class a week but otherwise did no exercise
And the two biggies:
  • Because of my diabetic mother and the fact that I would soon be 50, diabetes clearly loomed in my immediate future
  • My beloved teen daughter is slightly overweight, and while I'm gently prodding her toward a healthier path, I also wanted to be a good role model
It has now been a year and two months, more or less, and I've lost 40 pounds, I exercise at least four times a week, we eat at restaurants far less, when we get pizza I eat two or three slices instead of four, I rarely order alcohol with my restaurant meal (and in fact drink a lot less alcohol, though it seems to play such a large role in my blog posts!), and I'm much more mindful about what I eat overall.

The thing that is especially cool is that almost all of this has become routine rather than something I have to think much about. When I haven't exercised, I start feeling edgy and sluggish — I know that I need to move and sweat. And believe me, that is a HUGE change!!! And stopping eating when I'm full rather than stuffed — that's another thing I've become much better at.

But I'm not really "dieting." I'm not following any sort of plan, and I haven't cut out any foods (see "fried oysters, white wine, Halloween candy," etc.). I want a way of life that fits me and that I can live with forever. I want to lose all this extra weight, once and for all, and then keep it off, without feeling deprived or miserable.

So, yeah, it's going to take a while. But I'm really really really excited because, after having been stuck on 252 for what's seemed like years, last night I weighed myself after my huge dinner (I don't think I mentioned that there were French fries on top of the fried oysters, did I? or a piece of cornbread with butter?), and at night, with a huge dinner in my stomach, I weighed: 250. Which means that I am finally, really, truly in the '40s!!!! This was insanely thrilling to me.

Okay — here's my first crack at a mission statement:

I love to eat a variety of delicious foods, 
and I love to stop eating when I'm full and satisfied. 
I am a zumba queen. 
Taking long walks in the fresh air brings me peace of mind;
when I lift weights and work my core, I feel strong and powerful. 
With every healthy choice I make, 
I am closer to becoming the woman I want to be.

What do you think?

(Tonight's zumba class was awesome. Remember how I phoned it in last week? Tonight I rocked out and pretended to be Tina Turner and sweated like a pig. Awesome.)

Bath time! I just got both Kate Morton's and Jennifer Weiner's latest books — how will I choose?!

—Lady C, mission-ary

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