Friday, November 2, 2012

Y2 Day 65: Me and My Baby Take in a Show

LOVED Frankenweenie. Mimosa and I finally went tonight, at 5 p.m., there were 10 people in the theater, not a child among them, and it took about 30 minutes before the people around us caught on that we were watching a comedy (perhaps my unrestrained guffaws were a clue). (I also cried, probably a dozen times, as this movie will make you desperately miss any former pet, and I miss my sweetie Dexter so much.) Highly recommended!

In other news:
  • Husband says that my mission statement is too long, but he has ADHD. I'm just saying. And he also told me I'm pretty, so I forgive him for his searing critique.
  • I decided to henna my hair some time ago but keep forgetting to order the henna; today I went to do it, and to get the amount I need, it will cost $32. That seems high, but close to what I'd pay in a salon, so, OK. And then I saw that shipping charges were an additional $15. Forget it. I will call the place tomorrow and see if I can have it mailed any way other than priority. Can't they use a flat-rate box? Man.
  • Husband says my hair looks perfect. He is a sweetie. And eager to get out of the doghouse.
That may be all my news. Plus, I want to get under my covers (I'm sleepy. And cold) and read read read, I have so many good books going right now! Plus two I haven't even started!

I keep thinking about something that one of my friends told me: She's started running, and while her weight hasn't gone down all that much, she is slowly losing the flap of skin that hangs over her C-section scar. I don't want to start running (oh, my arthritic knee), but what if I took a vigorous walk on my treadmill every single day? Would I lose my stomach flap? I wonder. I would dearly love to lose my stomach flap.

Good Neighbor Anne points out that it will soon be too cold (and icy) to walk outside, so I need to negotiate peace with my treadmill — we haven't spoken in months. Anyway. I'm thinking about it. I'll let you know how far I get.


—Lady C


  1. Vigorous walk is AMAZING. Particularly if you do it on the hill interval setting on your treadmill or create your own hill interval setting. Awesome cardio benefits without all of the joint strain. You're on my blog reading list, lady! :-)

  2. I used henna to color my gray hairs for almost a year. The product I used was premixed and could be saved to use later so it is VERY cheap. A friend who is a natural redhead with severe hair color allergies prodded me to use it. I do NOT have allergic reactions to hair products. I encourage you to research henna before going that route because it is permanent. My hair is very porous - it loves water and hair color and is loathe to turn lose of either. If you just want to try color or cover gray, I recommend a semi-permanent color such as L'Oreal Healthy Look or Clairol Natural Instincts which will wash out in a month unless your hair is as porous as mine. I ended up cutting my hair above shoulder length to get rid of the henna so I could go back to dark brown. Here's the henna I used:

  3. Also, I find the treadmill a lot more tolerable if listening to great music. I got bored trying to watch TV at the gym so I use my son's old iPod.