Sunday, November 4, 2012

Y2 Day 67: A Beautiful Day

Today was simply fantastic!
  • My weight was low — not low enough to post on Fat Secret, but I have a good feeling about tomorrow, so I'm going to make that my official Weigh-In Day. Anyway, it was low enough to make me happy.
  • I wore an outfit to church that I haven't worn in years, a slim-fitting navy tunic and short tight skirt, and I tied a jaunty navy print scarf about my neck, and while from some angles I might've resembled an air hostess, still: I felt hot.
  • Husband was a Worship Associate this morning, his first day at it, and he was marvelous, opening the service in his cheerful, warm, droll manner and giving us some beautiful words to reflect on. I was absurdly proud of him and beamed and beamed.
  • Right after church I took a brisk walk on the bike path, which could not have been prettier — bright blue sky, golden- and crimson-leafed trees, picturesque as all giddy-up. California had a perfectly lovely autumn as well, I know that New England doesn't have a monopoly on my favorite season — but still. I am very glad I live where I do during these months. (I continued to think stomach-flap eradication thoughts. Perhaps I should measure my stomach flap right now, and then at the end of the week I can determine how much mind control I actually have. That would be good to know.)
  • Made fresh blueberry pancakes and Italian sausage for lunch — yes, not remotely a diet meal, but oh so good! I had one stack of pancakes and one sausage, and this was my big meal for the day. (I'm having fat-free pineapple yogurt and grapes for dinner. Yum!)
  • I finally did the physical therapy I'm supposed to be doing every day for my arthritic knee, which most days feels fine but sometimes feels a little achy (probably if it felt achy every day I'd be more motivated to do my PT), and it wasn't that hard; I can easily fit it into my schedule, and it gave me that nice virtuous feeling I also get after flossing. Or doing Kegels.
  • Talked to Mom on the phone, always a treat. 
  • Took a fabulous late-afternoon bath and read half of Jennifer Weiner's new book, which I am loving.
And now here I am, putting my blog to bed and preparing for Sunday night Must-See TV, Midwife and Good Wife. Life is sweet!

—Lady C

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