Monday, November 5, 2012

Y2 Day 68: I Choose Half Full

OK, so there's good news and, shall we say, less heartening news.

At today's Weigh-In, I finally had a new low to post on Fat Secret! As of today I weigh 247.5 pounds, and yes, I am still an enormous big girl, but I am a smaller enormous big girl!!! And it is about freaking time. So, yay. Yay! YAY!!!

I have never stayed with a weight-loss program this long. Never! I am simply all kinds of happy and proud of myself.

But then there's this, Fat Secret's comment when I logged in with a new weight for the first time since August:

      My Weigh in Report

            You lost 0.5 lb (0.2%) since you last weighed in on Sunday 05 Aug 12.
            At that rate it will take you about 605 months to get to your goal weight.

Six hundred and five months???!!! Will I . . . even . . . live that long?! (Yes, I am a Math Practice Guide, but I am too flummoxed to work out this story problem.)

(However, not too flummoxed to note that Fat Secret should hyphenate "Weigh in" and initial-cap the "i." Ha!)

Nonetheless, I am choosing to be happy. And I think I can manage to lose more than half a pound in the next three months.

Then again, the next three months include Thanksgiving, pecan pie for breakfast, and Trader Joe's Christmas cookies, which proved to be a challenge last year. Well — what doesn't kill me makes me stronger. We shall just see how it goes.

(At our house, Husband jokes, "Some people say the glass is half full, some people say it is half empty, and my wife says, 'Who left that glass there? Clean up after yourselves, people.'" He so gets me.)

Today is off to a slow but lovely start, as I stayed in bed drinking coffee and finishing Jennifer Weiner's excellent and highly recommended book The Next Best Thing. But now it's time to shower and work, despite my miraculous half-pound weight loss, ob la di, ob la da.

Happy Election Eve, peeps! I am optimistic for my girl and my guy and looking forward to having it be over — election ads, good lord. Such doom and gloom. Everyone should lose half a pound and be giddy and optimistic like me.

—Lady C, stuck like a dope with a thing called hope


  1. Congratulations!!! It's a great achievement and progress is progress! I'm struggling with the weight, myself. And the holidays never help. But I'm doing the Eat to Live Cleanse, which helped me lose 16 lbs in 6 weeks last time I did it. Difficult, but effective!

    Congrats again! :-)

    1. Thank you! I just read about your cleanse and it made me cry, a little. But if you want to lose weight fast, that definitely sounds like it will work! (The first 10 pounds will be JOY)

  2. Officially in the 240s!! Way to go, Jen! I'm proud of you and wish I were there to give you a hug. When do we get to see some pics?

    1. I totally meant to take pictures on Halloween zumba night, in my tight slinky black exercise costume. (I think I've mentioned that I usually look like a hobo when I exercise, but for this occasion I broke out the good stuff.) But I forgot.

      Hey, congratulations on completing your marathon, despite losing your underwear or whatever it was you said you dropped. Very impressive! (I could go back and look it up but I just had my eyes dilated and it took me two hours to type this.)