Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Y2 Day 69: Feeling My Way to the Polls

Two events of significance occurred today (well, to me — probably, significant things happened elsewhere and to others, who can get their own blogs and quit horning in on mine already):
  • I voted for a president and a U.S. senator
  • I had my eyes dilated
While the first one will probably have an impact on me relatively soon, the second one is having an enormous effect on me right now, as I have been effectively blind since 3 p.m.

Just writing this much has taken way too long, so — short post tonight. Which is sad, because I had so much to tell you, including a cute story about voting from Mimosa's babyhood and my imminent membership in a Teacup Piggy Syndicate.

However, I will mention that my Italian Spitfire zumba teacher noticed that I'd lost more weight and complimented me, which was thrilling! I tell you: Even though the scale isn't dipping dramatically, I have been pretty dedicated with the exercise and my body is reshaping. It is cool. I lie in the bathtub and have a little Pretty Party, admiring my own calves. (Hmm, is that maybe TMI? There are lots of bubbles involved, and this scene you're now picturing, inadvertently or not, should be totally G-rated.)

And yes, you can do zumba when you're legally blind. It's Full Inclusion Zumba.

Husband, the political science junkie, is glued to his laptop, hitting Refresh every 12 seconds, and he tells me that things are looking very good for my guy and my girl right now. He'll likely be up all night, waiting for the results of the Florida 18th. (I've already flunked my role as Supportive Junkie Spouse; when Husband commented that the Indiana 9th is especially interesting, I was supposed to say, "Ah, the bloody 9th.") (What I instead said was, "Oh, sure.")

(Cindy Glamour, I bet you knew the right line.)

OK — off to the tub, where I shall soak in the joy of living in a democracy. We'll see how long I soak, though, I'm not sure I can read with my eyeballs all wacky. And a bath without a book . . . is just marinating.

Happy Election Day!

Lady C, American Girl


  1. I, too, am refreshing my iPad every 12 seconds. My Liberal friends are imploding on Facebook. It's entertaining right now even if things do turn around for them.

  2. I'm so excited that the syndicate made your blog! :-) We'll see if we can ever get it up and running! I HATE having my eyes dilated. I'm already blind as a bat without my contacts and then they go and make it worse. And the headaches! Sheesh! But I'm glad you voted and I LOVE the picture on your post today. Hammering in a politely worded voting sign with a gun? Ladyness!

    1. OMG, how did I not even notice the gun?!!! (Oh -- my eyes were dilated. Man.)

      As I see it, we only need 12 people willing to chip in $100, then we each get Piggy for a month. Right? And whatever anyone else names dear Piggy, I've already christened her Farrah for my month. (Right now, she's living in my mind with my imaginary goats Tatum and Raquel.)

      I'm so enjoying your blog! Right now I'm reading about your husband's man-size uvula. Dang, you must be proud.

    2. Unbelievably proud. Maybe we should start a teacup piggy racing syndicate and you could be our bookie!