Thursday, November 8, 2012

Y2 Day 71: Goooooooooooal!

Next week's big editing job just fell through, so at the moment I have zero upcoming work scheduled. Usually this is call for panic (on my part) because I have no ability to take the long view. Zero work scheduled = poverty, squalor, and likely rickets.

But I'm trying to change.

If I do get work, I will need to do it — but I am going to add two additional goals to my weekly to-do list:
  • Get back to work on Novel 2
  • Do my best to lose two pounds by Sunday's Weigh-In
I haven't touched Novel 2 since I applied for the Children's Writer in Residence program, and maybe I am finally approaching the point where I can hear "You made the Top 5!" as the wonderful and affirming statement that it is, rather than "Failure! Failure! Failure!", which is what I still hear. (They finally posted the winner, by the way, and I'm sure her book about the "search for the music within" will be just darn lovely. A real corker. Yeah.)

It is so hard to get back into writing something that you haven't touched for a while. I started Measuring Up (aka Novel 1) when Mimosa was a baby; I remember pushing her in a stroller and talking to myself as I worked out plot points. But then Li'l Martini came along and I stopped writing after Chapter 4 and didn't touch it for almost a decade. And ironically, the next chapter I was "scheduled" to write involved my heroine cooking a Thanksgiving turkey, which, my dearest pallies know, is something I've never done in my life. So here's me, already struggling to resume my writer's voice, frantically searching the Internet for Turkey Cooking 101. But I figured it out and in fact ended up especially loving that chapter.

The only way to do it is to just do it, and next week I'm taking the plunge.

As for the two pounds, I've gotten very lax on the food front. It is true, I don't want to diet, per se; however, I do want to step up the pace a bit, and a Spartan week of carrot sticks and fat-free yogurt will be good for me.

Zumba was great tonight, though I am feeling old and stiff; my knee is really bugging me. I've done the prescribed physical therapy exactly once . . . hmm, I'm sure there's a connection here if I could just see it.

Nope — it's a mystery.


Oh, and here's why my blog picture is Love cookies. I have about 50 minutes on Thursdays between finishing with my math kids and picking up Martini and his glockenspiel, so I tend to run errands; today I went to the library and then Jam 'n' Java to get a coffee — and while I was there, I bought two big cookies, chocolate chip and S'more, for the kids. And then on her way home, Mimosa stopped at Lakota, our wonderful local bakery, and bought two more cookies, one for her and one for her brother. Martini was ecstatic to receive all these cookies! And I was very touched that his sister thought of him. "Who's the most loved boy in the entire world?" I said, and he crowed, "Li'l Martini Chardonnay!" in this adorably squeaky voice. They are just the dearest kids.

Later at dinner we recounted all this for Husband, who said, "Wow — I didn't bring anybody anything." And in perfect accord, all three of us whipped our heads around to give him cold stares, causing him to recoil and hide behind his napkin. It was hilarious.

(Mimosa says, "We should tape our dinners." Yeah, probably, but it sounds worky.)

It is cold in New England, and I am going to take a hot bath. I have all these library books, but instead I'm reading a birthday present, Brian Freeman's latest mystery, which I'm totally loving. On a cold November night, there's nothing like a murder mystery to warm your blood. Well, a murder mystery and a hot bubble bath and a cup of coffee. But I shall have all the things!

And a Love cookie sounds really good too (not that I have one), but I will practice practicing my steely determination. No! I say. No cookie for me! I will be satisfied with coffee, ice water, and a multivitamin! Mmmm!!

(I think I'm getting punchy, probably from lack of cookie. I'll end here. Good night!)

—Lady C

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