Saturday, November 10, 2012

Y2 Day 73: Date Night!

 (Alterna title: Tequila!)

Mimosa is away for the weekend and Li'l Martini was invited to the 10th birthday celebration of HoneyBear's brother O-Man (a festival of trampolines and cake in downtown Boston), and Husband and I grew giddy with the possibilities that lay before us. We finally settled on dinner at a new-to-us Mexican place (I'd been there once before with Nurse Kathy), Acitrớn, right in Arlington Center, and oh MAN was it good! I don't know what they put on a simple ear of corn, but it was the yummiest ear of corn I've ever had in my life. Everything was muy delicioso, and we had a blast.

I think I mentioned that I just got my hair cut in lots of light flippy layers and it looks super cute, and tonight I wore a tight-tight-tight black shirt that I've literally never worn before, something that Mrs. Cynicletary passed along to me ages ago and I've kept in the bag of my closet, thinking, Someday, someday. Well, that day was today! I paired it with my good black pants (and had to laugh because they are just too big; I tucked their waistband under the tight bottom edge of the tight-tight-tight shirt, just so the crotch wouldn't hang three inches below my own) and my favey chandelier earrings, and I felt freaking gorgeous.

The waitress sat us right in the front window, which was fun, and we watched several dozen people walk by, not one of whom I know (which is unusual; Arlington is a small town and I get around).
  • Me: No one is smiling back at me.
  • Husband: They're jealous of how sexy you look.
  • Me: Hmm. They probably think I'm a whore. (Note: It is a VERY low-cut shirt. I was breastacular!)
  • Husband:  'Cause that's the only reason you'd be with a schlub like me.
  • Me: Nonsense! They wish they were sitting here with you.
  • Husband: Really?
  • Me: Yeah, they're all thinking, Lucky whore.

Ooh, perhaps I should mention that right before dinner I had a warm-up cocktail of tequila, pineapple juice, lime juice, and a splash of margarita mix. YUM. And then . . . one or two serious margaritas at Acitron. What a fun date!

And then we came home and made out and watched three episodes of Elementary, the modern take on Sherlock Holmes; Husband adores Holmes, and I'd seen one episode of the show, liked it, and deduced that Husband would like it too. (Elementary!) And now I'm psyched because we have a TV show to watch together! It doesn't happen often.

It was a super-fun date night, but now I'm sleepy and must get to bed. My plan is to get up early and take a good walk before church — we shall see. (I think perhaps I will take some preemptive post-tequila headache medicine . . . !)

Oh — and I want to give a shout-out to my beloved friend Mrs. Brunhildecrow, aka Brunie, whose birthday is today! Tomorrow when I'm rested I will write about how we met, a story in which she looks virtuous and confident and I look like a spaz with major mental health issues; it's one I never tire of telling. Happy birthday, my friend.

And sweetest dreams to all!

Lady C

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