Sunday, November 11, 2012

Y2 Day 74: Early to Rise . . .

. . . makes me dull and stupid, apparently. I rose early to take a walk before church, which was lovely, the world was clean and fresh and quiet, but I've been in a total fog ever since.

Random tidbits:
  • Husband worked all week on his prayer for today, and it was stunning — thoughtful and beautiful. He has the perfect voice for this work. The woman behind me squeezed my shoulders and whispered, "Your husband is so adorable!" I preened.
  • Martini and I went shopping; he needs a new winter coat. At almost 12, he's right at that midpoint between super-cool young man and total goofball, and I see flashes of both all day long. But he's still a very entertaining companion, even though I yawned 100 times on the drive there, leading him to believe we'd be heading off a cliff any minute now.
  • I made steaks for dinner, because they were on sale when I went grocery-shopping, but I am just not a good meat cook. I pan-fried green beans and onions in my cast iron skillet, then added the meat and flash-cooked it on each side, then put the whole thing in a hot oven for five minutes (after seasoning with salt and pepper and rosemary); the green beans and onions were flavorful and heavenly, and the meat was just — meat. (The fact that I don't really love meat is likely relevant here.)
  • It was Li'l Martini's turn to clear the table, and he claimed he couldn't lift the cast-iron skillet. I'm positive that he's a malingerer, but Husband is more tender-hearted than I am. "Time to lift some weights, Son!" he cried, jovially patting the boy on the back. "Your granddaddy was a weight-lifter, you know — he often told people he'd raised a dumbbell, ha ha!" Oh, it's a barrel of laughs around here.
  • Mimosa was being lippy to me as she emptied the dishwasher, and I know this is all part of her separation (especially after a weekend away from me), but still, I'd had enough, and I grabbed the coupons the kids gave me for Mothers Day and said, "I'm cashing in THIS ONE, come here and give me a kiss." Her lips barely grazed my forehead, and she dashed away. "Girlfriend," I said, "get back here and give me a decent kiss!" My lippy teen said, "What do you want — tongue?" Barrel of laughs around here, I'm telling you. (She gave me a very sweet kiss on the cheek and also brought me coffee. I am so glad she's home! Love my lippy girl. Love my goofball boy. Love my adorable deacon husband. Lucky me.)
Tomorrow begins Goal Week: (1) at least three new pages of Novel 2 every day, (2) no alcohol or sugar (except for Wednesday, when I'm hosting a meeting and serving sangria), (3) cardio, core work, and knee PT every day, (4) daily food-logging, and (5) weight-lifting every other day. By the end of the week I'll have at least 20 new pages and be back in the swing of writing Novel 2 and hopefully have lost two real pounds. I do have a little editing work scheduled, but smallish jobs. All should be well.

It's only 7, and I'm ready for bed now!! Healthy living, man — it's exhausting.

—Lady C-leepy

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  1. What a day! Best of luck with your goals this week!