Monday, November 12, 2012

Y2 Day 75: Big Goal Week Begins!

Today went pretty well, though it had a few hiccups.

This Saturday is the Harvest Moon Fair at my church, our biggest fundraiser of the year, and I've dedicated a corner of our utility room to storing crap fabby items I no longer need. Yesterday the kids transported every item from the corner they've been lurking in for close to a year, and today I sorted and cleaned things as needed and put them into bags neatly labeled "Attic Treasures" or "Book Nook" or "Toyland" or "Jewelry Box" (etc.). This took freaking forever and ate up a good chunk of my day. But the kids helped me load the car and take everything to the church, and it feels good to have it all out of the house.

And that's what I have to count as my "30 minutes of cardio" (I did go up and down the stairs a few times) because I simply ran out of time.

Also, when I was sweating out my three pages and had only done two, my sweet daughter said, so plaintively, "Mom? Will you watch Ellen with me?" How could I turn her down? So I did my weight-lifting and core work and knee PT while watching Ellen, and I think she was impressed.

In other health news, remember my toxic urine? I got my test results back today; the standard range for white blood cells is 0–2, and mine scored >100. I had eight other disgusting numbers (including red blood cells and bacteria count) but that one was the most shocking. I could take out a small village, just by peeing on it! But I have my Bactrim now and all will be well.

And I also have a new nemesis, and because of its evil ways I could not check off "No white sugar" in the Day 1 column. While I was at CVS picking up the Bactrim, I remembered that I wanted something new to put in my autumn leaf-shaped "candy" dishes; they previously held different flavors of candy corn, but that felt too Halloweeny to me. And then I saw it, the perfect thing: Rold Gold Peppermint Dipped Snowflakes. So pretty! So seasonal!

So completely freaking delicious!!!! I will have to bypass my living room as I move through the house — which will be an interesting trick, because that's where the front door is. But I am nothing if not creative.

Husband and I just got back from seeing Argo, which is a hundred kinds of fantastic. I'd thought that I might write one more page before bedtime, but now I think I won't; I owe the universe a page, that's all. (And I am humbled by the excellent writing in this movie. I need to go read something crappy, like Danielle Steel or V.C. Andrews.) As I'd suspected, it was really, really hard to get back into the "voice" of my story, and I'm not sure I'm fully there yet (I may not end up keeping a single thing I wrote today), but at least there's movement again, I'm thinking about it, and I've got two more pages than I had before. And that? Is a very good thing.

Today's reckoning: Logged everything I ate, ate no more than 2,000 calories (FatSecret recommends that I eat 2,300), didn't drink alcohol, and did core and PT and weight-lifting. BUT,  I ate white sugar (six heavenly pretzels!!), didn't officially do any cardio, ate after 8 p.m. (Smart Balance popcorn and an apple — I didn't get home from the movie and CVS till 8:30!), and only wrote two pages instead of three. Still — it was a good day.

And tomorrow will be better! 

—Lady C, goal girl


  1. I'm dreading all of the temptation that holiday treats bring! Ugh - so much that I love to eat! Glad you got two pages in - an accomplishment for me, any day!

    1. For sure - to both things!

      Your weekend sounded A-MAY-ZING. Have you come down to earth yet?!