Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Y2 Day 76: Goal Week, Part the Second

I wildly underestimated how much work I had to do today. One client is going into early labor (she's at 38.5 weeks) and basically sent me every open file on her desk to edit (should I have held out until she promised to name the baby after me?), and another broke her right wrist and sent me two stories she was working on to finish and edit. So, two things: (1) I am some kind of crazy kiss of death, and (2) man, did I have a lot of work! Between editing and Math Practice with my kids, there went my day.

But I was surprisingly virtuous in terms of physical health — I ate well (even managing to resist the pretzels' siren song . . .) and went to zumba. And right before zumba, I had about 10 minutes — and thought, hey! I can do my physical therapy! Which was probably better for me knee, anyway, to be all stretched and warmed up and flexy before zumba. And then I did some core work, a different exercise, one I haven't done for a long time, and I was amazed to see how much easier it's gotten! Ah, signs of progress — how I love them.

The big thing I didn't do was write. When I spend all day on the computer, the last thing I want to do is spend more time on the computer! (Which is why I've also resisted the lure of Facebook. Though, honestly? Not so much of a lure. Potato, potahto.)

But tomorrow I have to be up extra early to get Mimosa to school by 7 for chorus practice, and I've got an entire free morning after that — and I plan to write write write. I owe myself seven pages, and I'll do more if I can. And it will be really great to have a solid block of time to immerse myself in my story world.

Tonight, the Italian Spitfire was perusing her playlist right before class, and she asked us, "Do you want to go hard tonight?" I said, "Oh! No! I want to go soft and have a nap and a cocktail. Thank you for asking!" I am fairly sure that the whole class was punished for my sassy mouth, I am now a sweaty limp rag. We went hard, in other words. But it feels so good when you stop!

Bath time. Believe me, if you were here you'd thank me.

xo Lady C

p.s. As I drove home from zumba, pretty much the length of Mass Ave, I passed restaurant after restaurant and was practically crooning to myself: "Ooooh, I could have the baked beans at Blue Ribbon BBQ . . . or the teriyaki steak tips at Johnny's . . . or the Spicy Eggplant and fresh rolls at Tom Yung Koong . . ." (I was hungry. Did I mention that?) But the thing that kept me from stopping and getting takeout (besides my own rankness) was saying, "All of those things will still be there when I've lost some more weight." And that mindset is also helping me with those cursed pretzels. The world will still have delicious foods to offer me, and I will be so much happier with myself if I don't eat them today.

Tomorrow — tomorrow can take care of itself. All I have to do is get through today.

So, that helped. I came home and had a fat-free raspberry Greek yogurt and drank lots of water, and I'll have a coffee in a bit. And that will be all for tonight. Yay for me!


  1. Busy day! How do you find time?!?

    1. Ah, I'm a great time manager -- and I have a superhuman ability to ignore things that other people would probably pay attention to (you know, like my children). But I do tend to be busy-busy; that's my factory default.

      I took a writing break while I ate my fiber-filled multi-grain granola (the seventh grain is Virtue!) and caught up on your October posts -- what a riot! Despite my fervent Fanilow-dom, you and I have much in common. E.g.: We have both faced certain death at the hands (hooves) of a vicious bovine. Cows are wicked scary, man.

      Thanks for reading! (and writing! You are very very VERY funny!)