Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Y2 Day 77: Goal Week, Part the Third

I wonder if the day will come when I truly get it all together? Or maybe it's impossible to Do It All: work two jobs AND write three pages a day AND exercise?

In any event, I did write my promised seven pages (well, six and a half, but there's some good stuff there, I think) and I did stick to my food plan (though tonight I get to break my no-alcohol rule, and it's unseemly how excited I am about this!) (and, True Confessions time: I've already broken it; I was miffed at someone who lives in this house, I won't name names, and so I poured a glass of the destined-to-be-sangria red and am rage-drinking now. And yes, it is helping. And I'm also a teensy bit snockered; that's what not drinking for five days will do to you. In my opinion, this is a cautionary tale), but there is no way I'll be squeezing in 30 minutes of cardio; we're having dinner soon and then I'm hosting a meeting. (Hence the sangria.)

(What? You host meetings without sangria? I do not understand. Are you speaking Esperanto?)

I may, however, lift my weights and work my core before bedtime, and I will definitely do my knee PT, because I really do think it's helping and I am way too young to be this crippled. So that's something.

Here's my favorite passage from the seven pages I wrote today:

“Try to be on time, Steven," Jory said to him. "Lateness is a sign of disrespect.”
“We start at 2:45, right?” I said, staring at the clock. “We’ve still got five minutes.”
Jory scowled. “It’s important to have a time of contemplation and silent prayer before the meeting officially begins.”
“Then you should say that in the club description—otherwise every new member will be late.”
“There aren’t any—” Jory began, and then stopped. “Fine,” she said, her lips tightening in that way I was getting used to. “Let’s begin our time of silent prayer now.”
I silently prayed that the stick up Jory’s butt would rest comfortably today and that she wouldn’t pummel Robin with it. Please, God. Thank you, God.

Writing was totally fun today, and I am once again immersed in my pretend novel world (I can tell, because I'm thinking about it all the time — which is good! In a conversation with my youngest brother about my kids' Halloween costume contest, I realized that I could ask him about high school golf teams for my book; he, as always, is a font of info re: high school sports). I'm very much looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.

Time to serve dinner (spinach pie, carrot-raisin salad, fresh fruit) and then get ready for my meeting. Ta-ta!

—Lady C


  1. It's hard to squeeze everything in. But I'm glad you got to squeeze everything in AND have sangria! (Now I really want Sangria. And it's 8:30 AM here. Unacceptable!)

    1. Ah, you're young and still childless -- go ahead, raise a glass and get jiggy at 8:30 a.m.! It's awesome to drink in the morning because you WANT to, not because your children have driven you to it.

      Not that I'm speaking from experience, you understand. Just a general observation. Because I'm an observer. Of the human condition.

      You understand.