Thursday, November 15, 2012

Y2 Day 78: . . . Wait, What Was My Goal?

Yeah, today things kinda fell apart, goal-wise.

Astonishingly, I stayed under my self-imposed calorie limit, even though la cuisine du jour included potato chips and a lemon square, ooh la la! I also did zumba, and maybe I'll go do all my other exercises and take a shower before I watch Glee with Mimosa. I still have some time to check off a few more boxes on my Daily Goal List.

But I didn't write a blessed word of fiction. I had some editing work to do, but what I mostly had was BILLS BILLS BILLS. I've been waiting for this giant check for an editing job I did three weeks ago (today I got a purchase order, which tells me that my invoice is "in the system" — yay?), and Husband has been waiting to get reimbursed for a research trip he took in September — and I've been putting off paying bills as long as I could, hoping that some of this money would show up, but today I looked at the calendar and realized that time isn't standing still for me.

How come the bills come so promptly and the money trickles in like mo-lasses?

Anyway. It's not a straightforward matter of writing a ton of checks and paying off everyone, because we won't have enough money to do that until the two big checks come in. Instead, it is like a dance of seduction — a little touch here, a little stroke there, just enough to keep them happy and satisfied and believing that any minute now I will in fact Go All the Way.

Except for the two bills named Discover and Amazon Chase Visa. Those guys aren't satisfied with anything but full penetration.

(Ew. I now regret my metaphor.)

So, it took some time and some juggling and a lotta math. I think we'll be okay till the big checks come . . . and I really really really hope that they come next week. But what can I do. I try hard not to stress over money, but sometimes I can't help it.

Tomorrow . . . I'm not sure I'll be able to do anything on my list tomorrow! I've got a Math Practice Meeting from  9 to 11, then I'm baking all afternoon for the Buttery at my church's Harvest Moon Fair, and that night I'm helping with setup for the Book Nook. (I was also supposed to have lunch with a friend and take Mimosa in for her annual checkup, but I canceled both of those — too much already!)

I'm really tired. Last night I woke up four times with excruciating muscle cramps in my right inner thigh, and this morning I consulted Dr. Google. (I've also been getting up to pee because of the giant glasses of water I'm taking with my Bactrim; the medicine warns me that if I don't drink giant glasses of water I will get kidney stones.) So, what does Dr. Google suggest as the cause of my leg cramps? KIDNEY STONES! I went into a panic — then read on and saw that kidney stone pain was fairly constant, whereas my leg cramp went away when I got up and walked around.


I am a goner.

I'm poor and living in squalor, I can't achieve a day's worth of goals to save my life, and I'm going to die soon of bashful kidney stones. How wretched can one girl be?

(We had a kick-ass dinner, though: Chinese sausage, sauteed sugar snap peas, Trader Joe's potstickers, Asian coleslaw — a new recipe! SO good! — and fresh fruit. At least I will die with a happy memory of good food.)

OK — let's see if I can lift a weight or two before I have to hit the shower. Wish me luck!

—Lady C

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  1. I hope that your day gets better! I'm pretty strapped for cash myself and I know the feeling. Sending all my thoughts that those checks come your way soon! :-)