Friday, November 16, 2012

Y2 Day 79: T. G. I . . . Whatev

I just unpacked and sorted 40,000 boxes of books. My dining room table boasts 3 pecan pies, 18 banana-blueberry muesli muffins, and two dozen red velvet cupcakes. I am tuckered. Too tired to take a bath, even.

I'm going to have a cup of coffee and climb into bed and finish reading The Secret Keeper, which so far is my total fave of all Kate Morton's amazing novels. Will the awesomeness hold up all the way to the end? We shall see!

(As predicted, I did not do one single thing on my goal list. Well, I probably stayed within my calorie limit, but mostly because I was too busy to eat much. I just mainlined half a pecan-pie tartlet, that oughtta boost my numbers.)

Best titles from the book sale:
  • Active Childbirth (honestly? I prefer it passive)
  • Mothers and Daughters: Reconnecting After Death 
  • 2007 Jaguar Maintenance Manual 
  • A Walk With Hitler
  • The Man Who Loved Children ("Can we get arrested for selling this?" asked my friend Paul)
  • Meet Your Prostate
  • You ARE Psychic! (said my friend Georgia, "I knew you were going to show me that")
I think my church will make a lot of money.


—Lady C

1 comment:

  1. I love your book titles! They remind me of the ones made up by Paul Rhymer for an episode of Vic and Sade wherein books are offered by the brick mush man as an incentive. The titles included:
    Dorothy an’ Her Daddy or Romping Among the Buttercups
    A Brief Biography of the Father-in-law of Tyson R. Poppell
    Tricks a One-legged Man Can Perform with a Dead Gorilla!
    The Romance of the Hinge
    Twinkling Tunes for Tiny Tots
    Sightseeing in Sunny Kansas
    Fun and Excitement You Can Have While Polishing Silverware
    The Soul of Bernie Gummerman
    Famous Indian Fights of South Dakota
    The Great Warm Heart of My Uncle, Oscar Y. Slump
    How to Handle Ill-tempered Horses
    I Hate Money
    Little Princess Peggy an’ Her Punkin-headed Pig
    East Duckworth, Oklahoma, Land of Sunset Dreams

    -- SDF