Saturday, November 17, 2012

Y2 Day 80: My Starring Role in the Church Fair

This picture isn't actually of my church, but it's so close it's uncanny. See all that stuff on the table? Multiply it by a ton (and stack up another ton of stuff against the wall behind it) and that's how much we started with. And we sold . . . about half. So, at 3:00 today I began packing stuff into boxes and carrying it to the curb, where the Epilepsy Foundation will pick it up on Monday, bless them.

I did this — pack, carry, return for more — approximately 3,618 times.

I am dead dog tired.

Here's my quick summation of Goal Week before I collapse into a hot tubby: What I tried to do was a modified version of boot camp and a modified version of a writers retreat. Most people don't do them both at the same time. Also: When most people do either of those things, they go somewhere else to do it, and that is all they do. While I'm tempted to give myself a low grade for the week, I also cut myself some slack, because, dudes, there's a ton going on around here!! I give myself a B.

Which is hard for me, I'm an A girl. But, whatev.

OK, got to take my bath now. And mainline some Motrin, every single part of me aches.

Oh! But I should also mention this: It was totally fun. I love my church, I love the people I worked with last night and today. I laughed a ton and had a ball. We were all in it together.

And that is something to be very thankful for.

(Even though my efforts only got a B this week.)

Good night! Sweet dreams.

—Lady C

p.s. I realize that my description above ("we sold half") makes our Church Fair sound like a total bust. At most of the booths (e.g., Book Nook, Jewelry Box, Chips 'n' Salsa [computer equipment]) we sold a ton. But there's a particular booth, Attic Treasures, that seems to be a repository for the most amazing crap (think: Kabob-It!, a "machine" for cooking kabobs) — the fact that we sell half of it is a small miracle. And it's that booth that most closely resembles the picture above.

Our goal is to make $16K. I'll report tomorrow on how we did.


  1. Well, I give you an A - for amazing you! Steve says I should invite you and your family here for Thanksgiving... all of our family is abandoning us this year and the last time that happened we came to see you. Let me know if singing songs in a family car for five hours and then putting your feet up in a chair by the fire while someone puts a drink in your hand sounds like a good way to spend your holiday.

  2. A for effort, certainly! Those church sales are always so overwhelming!