Sunday, November 18, 2012

Y2 Day 81: Woke Up This Morning Feeling Fine

  • We made between $17 and $18K at our church fair! (And the final total will be even higher, most likely, as we sold some more stuff this morning.)
  • Mimosa sang "Firework" with her youth choir (their disgusting teen-chosen name is "Vowel MUUvement." The runner up: "Minstrel Cycle") and engaged in some snappy choreography and lit up the whole stage. And this is not bias talking: I closely examined every other performer before coming to the completely fact-based conclusion that she was 100 percent the best.
  • Husband concluded his first stint as a Worship Associate and was as eloquent and well-spoken as ever. I collected compliments on his fine work all morning long and carried them like a bouquet. Yes, when I first asked him out in 1991, I think I knew this day would come, so it is more than appropriate to compliment me on my astute choice of man.
Short post tonight; after alluding to it a dozen times, I am finally tackling my mending pile and taking in most of my pants. I'm also turning the zumba T-shirt I won last week (did I mention that?) into a tank top; it's a smallish shirt (one size fits "all") and I'm thrilled that it fits me!! I took a brief time out for dinner, but now I'm diving back in.

Later, gators!

—Lady C

p.s. You may notice a distinct lack of weight loss news. I will simply tell you this: There is a pecan pie in my kitchen . . . and pecan pie is my Kryptonite, man.

Even Superman couldn't resist.

I am just a girl.

A weak, human girl.

What can I do?

And it is really, really, seriously good pie.

That's all I'm sayin'.


  1. MR. Lady Chardonnay (aka Husband)November 18, 2012 at 9:54 PM

    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking me out in 1991! Nothing beats having an unusually astute wife!!

    I do think that readers of this blog should know, however, that Lady C basically blazed the trail for the rest of our family in this church -- for YEARS, she has been one of the most popular, beloved, and respected members of this congregation. I really think that all of the compliments of me as a Worship Associate have just a bit of, "OK, NOW we sort of get what she sees in this guy...."

  2. Treat yourself! You deserve a little splurge for all of the hard work with the sale!

  3. Did you make the pie? If so, I can imagine it would be irresistible. If not, I want to know where to get one! :-) -- SDF

    1. I did make the pie, and it was INSANELY good. But you should go to Petsi's Pies:

      There's one near you. You will love it!!

      Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friend!