Monday, November 19, 2012

Y2 Day 82: Oh Yeah. I Did It (But I Wore Sunglasses)

I am so embarrassed to tell you what I did today, but here goes.

Well, I went to Math Practice, as usual. No shame there. And I told second-grade Megs what I was going to do, and she moaned with jealousy.

And then I left the school at 1:40 . . . and drove straight to Burlington Cinemas, where I took in Twilight's Eclipse of Broken Dawn or whatever, I don't exactly keep up with this series and in fact only saw the first movie, but I really really wanted to see this one.

The first movie, in fact, put me right to sleep three nights in a row, I finally fast-forwarded through Edward and Bella and that interminable meadow, but if you should ever need an effective soporific I highly recommend that scene.

But here's why I wanted to see this one: I am simply undone by kindness and courage, and I'm a sucker for those moments where the-good guy underdogs are asked to stand on the side of good and unite, in all their scrappy shiny virtue, to take down the bad guys. From The Wizard of Oz to Buffy to Dumbledore's Army to 12 Angry Men (etc. etc.), there is something about this kind of scene — the fact that no one can do it alone (unless you're named Will Kane) and that we are stronger if we stand together — that reduces me to a quivering puddle of emotion.

So in the preview when the Cullens say, "The Velociraptors* are coming! We must call on our friends!" I was already there, eighth row center, popcorn and blue Slushee in hand.

The movie was craptastic!! Though in reality, my big emotional scene was instead lots of little scenes scattered across a lot of the world with lots of waiting in between, and not the big climactic coming together that I'd envisioned. The scenes that did me in concerned Bella and her absurdly named daughter, Renesmee. (And I could actually hear Gwyneth Paltrow cackling, "Apple doesn't sound all that stupid any more, does it?" OK, by comparison, not so much. But please consider, Gwyneth, what we're comparing it too.)

Anyway, it was a very fun thing to do in the middle of the day on a Monday, as embarrassing as it was to purchase this ticket at a theater that's also showing Lincoln and Flight.

Team Edward for the win!

—Lady C

* I really don't follow this series at all. It's something bad with a V. Vixens? Vulcans? Vaginitis?


  1. Volturi? I read them when I was teaching middle school so that I could communicate with my students because they compared absolutely everything in the freaking world to Twilight. So I trudged through. I haven't seen any of the movies and since I think the last book was ridiculously sloppily written, I can only imagine the movie being so. You were right - there was no climactic moment in the entire friggin book. Oh well. Glad you got to escape in the magic of cinema for a while!

    1. Yah, Volturi, that sounds right. I read them all too because I write YA and I wanted to see what the "what" was. I liked the first one okay and yawned through the next two...but book 4 I found REPREHENSIBLE. Life lessons for girls:

      1. Teen marriage rocks!
      2. Teen parenting rocks!
      3. NO ONE will give you endless unconditional love like a BABY!
      4. Don't ask the boy you love to change for you - YOU change for HIM!


      But I still went to (and thoroughly enjoyed) the movie, so go figure.