Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Y2 Day 84: Communist Meal Prep*

That's not my hand in the picture but it could be; I just finished mixing what will be lamb kebabs, and it looks exactly like this.

Our traditional pre-Thanksgiving prep got off to a super-late start because I had another migraine and slept late, and then Husband and I enjoyed a hot breakfast date before grocery shopping. But it was lots of fun; we did the shopping after and didn't get home till 2:30. Usually I have a third of the cooking done by then! But I'm melllloooow this year.

For all the years that we've followed our preferred T-Day menu — appetizers, cocktails, dessert — last year was the first time that I really felt like it was a lot of work and too much food. This year, I streamlined: two desserts instead of four, and simpler dishes that don't involve puff pastry and filo dough and wonton wrappers. (We are doing puff pastry, but just because I have it in the freezer and want to use it up. The Boursin Mushroom Puffs and Ham & Swiss Pastry Pockets should do it!)

My knees are bothering me a lot, though, so I may not do much more cooking tonight. (They've been hurting off and on all day, though they felt fine at 4:00, so I walked down the steep hill to Trader Joe's and then back up . . . which may have been a mistake. But I really needed some exercise! I'm also determined to start tomorrow morning with a walk, but we will just see.)

My ravaged face actually looks okay; the frozen spots haven't erupted yet, and the divot in my nose is barely noticeable. The calm before the storm? Perhaps.

Every year, there's one item on our shopping list that proves surprisingly difficult to find; last year it was thin asparagus, and this year it's mini marshmallows and little hot dogs. (We are not serving them together.) I found the marshmallows at Walgreen's, but Husband must now go search Greater Boston for la petite frankfurters. I hope he is successful; Quilted Pigs (a step up from the pedestrian Pigs in Mere Blankets) are Li'l Martini's most favorite appetizer.

Sexy Em is joining us for mid-day cocktails, and Arty Jenny will overlap with her a bit and then stay for dinner; I am excited to see my beloved ladyfriends! I wish the rest of you could come by too; we're serving Pomegranate Cosmos and Bourbon Bogs (bourbon, lemon syrup, cranberry juice, and orange bitters, garnished with a few smashed cranberries soaked in bourbon), and I'm making teetotaler Husband a Minty Pineapple-Lime Mocktail, and it's all going to be so yummy!!

Last year I was desolate on this day, missing my parents so much. This year I'm more chill, don't ask me why — but my nearest and dearest are around me, I talked to my mom three times today, we're all happy (she and Dad are having cracked crab tonight, I'm dying of envy), and all is well.

OK, second wind, maybe I'll cook one more thing. Or maybe I'll put my feet up and finish Wish You Were Eyre, the final book in my friend Heather Vogel Frederick's Mother-Daughter Book Club series, which I'm thoroughly enjoying! It really makes me want to reread Jane Eyre. Maybe I'll do that next.

Happy turkey prep, True Believers! 

—Lady C, American princess

* Mrs. Cynicletary says the Chardonnays are Communists; she is looking forward to an American Thanksgiving.

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  1. Oops! I inadvertently deleted Mrs. Cynicletary's joy at being an (American) asterisk. So sorry!

    But dearest, I *truly* hope you enjoyed your boring dry bird and your pan of soggy bread and your brown glop on white glop and your slimy sour red stuff and your orange vegetable masquerading as the world's most boring dessert. Truly! Because I am all about compassion for the ways of others.

    a NATIVE American