Monday, November 26, 2012

Y2 Day 89: What the Devil's Wrong With These Kids Today?

This was me with my math ding-dongs this morning. Groups 1 and 3 are angel-babys and I love them. Group 2 . . . has its good days but most often gets on my very last nerve. Individually they are adorable kids, but collectively they bring out the worst in each other. And, I guess, in me.

One thing I hadn't considered was that we've all been apart for five days, and kids are always squirrelly after a break — tomorrow will be better.

Not much else to report! I have a big editing job that I must finish by Wednesday, so it's all systems go, work-wise. I also need to line up an electrician and get Husband to make the trek to Sears; our loathed garbage disposal finally quit (I generally dislike paying for this kind of thing, but I HATE this garbage disposal; I will dance on its annoying, expensive grave) and the new one will require some electrical work. And this week is Parent-Teacher Conferences at the middle school, so I'll have Li'l Martini home with me every day from 11:45 on . . . which is nice, of course, but also distracting. Mimosa can disappear and be silent for hours; not so much the boy child. But it will be fine. Once my job is done, he can distract me all he wants.

My weight was indeed right where it should be this morning, but I don't expect much movement scale-wise this week, as I'll be glued to my computer working. Or leading Math Practice. Or tending to my constant son. Or dealing with the electrician. Or or or . . . 

The life of a working mom who happens to be at home 24/7 — oh, it is a jolly picnic! 

Time for bed. Sweet dreams, y'all.

—Lady C 

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  1. I've been meaning to ask you, Lady C, how does one find an editing job like yours? I'm so curious!

    I hope the kiddos settle down for you and that you have a wonderfully distracting, yet productive, week with your son!