Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Y2 Day 90: What I Have in Common with a Pretzel

(We're both twisted.)

I spent entire day at the computer finishing Round 1 of this endless document (it's not a terrible job, just dense, and I should have allowed myself one more day to work on it — I forget how many hours I really lose by doing my Math Practice at the school!), and I am bent and gnarled and re-embracing my dowager's hump. Zumba helped, but then I came home and worked some more.

In other words: I am not spending another second at this computer! Sorry, fans and friends.

More tomorrow, I'm sure. Motrin and hot bath are calling.

(Know who's not calling? My electrician, who is now dead to me. When am I going to get my new garbage disposal switch???)

Grump, grump,
Lady C

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