Saturday, December 8, 2012

Y2 Day 101: The Prize Winner of Arlington, Mass.

"[Sex is] okay, but it's nothing like somebody putting a crown on your head or shopping." 
—Suzanne Sugarbaker, Designing Women

I want to finish my Liebster Blog award winner responsibilities now, because I have a big day ahead, culminating in bourbon, fancy pizza, and onscreen sex therapy with Brunie! Fun fun fun.

OK! Here we go.

11 Things About Me That You Might Not Have Known

1. My original name was Rebecca Jocelyn, because my mother wanted to call me Becky Jo. Had I been born closer to my due date of July 4, that would have been my name. However, stubborn me clung to Mommy's uterus for another month or so, giving her time to fall in love with my actual name, Jennifer Kathleen. (Though my Texas relatives call me Jenny Kay; am I better off?)

2. My dream car is a scooter. I love being on a motorcycle, but I'm too chicken to own one. A scooter — that I could handle. Arty Jenny had one for a while, and I grew dizzy with the coveting.

3. I love math and took Calculus in college just for fun. Which it was.

4. I once had a wicked-hot sex dream about Freddie "Boom Boom" Washington from Welcome Back Kotter.

5. My left eyelid hangs lower than my right eyelid. I had to point this out to my husband of 20 years. Like, a minute ago. (His response: "Ohhhh.")

6. I'm a shy person who loves performing. Performing is low-risk for me, because I'm not revealing anything of myself. Talking to strangers also falls under this category, because what do I care if a stranger likes me or not? But talking to people I know only slightly — this I find excruciating. It's why I hate parties, unless I have an activity (which is why I've become party-game girl).

7. I've eaten brain, heart, liver, kidney, gizzard, and whatever the heck tripe is. (From its texture, my guess is cheek. A lotta chewing, in other words.) Not a huge fan of any of them, but I love me some pâte.

8. The countries I most want to visit are Denmark and Australia.

9. I love love love playing party games, my all-time favorite party game is full-contact death-sport charades, and my favorite title to make the other team charade is The Nympho and Other Maniacs. (My friend TNT once said, "Sounds like plinth?")

10. My favorite month is October.

11. I call everybody "sweetie." Everybody.

Whee! This was surprisingly difficult!

And once again, much time has elapsed since I started, and I really need to start my busybusybusy day. So — 11 questions to the universe (this is how I've decided to handle the "pass along the nomination" aspect) will come tomorrow.

Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate! And even if you don't. Go on, live a little.

Lady C, the people's princess!


  1. Good to know more about you, Lady C!

    1. Thanks again for nominating me! And for continuing to visit, despite my lack of love for Moby Dick...