Friday, December 14, 2012

Y2 Day 107: Oh, She May Be Weary

Migraine came back at 5:30 a.m. I took my sumatriptan and prayed. (Yesterday, I Googled "How much sumatriptan can you take in one day?" and Dr. Google replied, "Not enough." I also Googled the symptoms of meningitis, not because I'm a hypochondriac [though I am a big drama queen], I just wanted to know. Turns out, you kinda need to have a fever for meningitis. Which I did not have. Which I know because I took my temp. Not because I'm a hypochondriac. I just wanted to know.)

I dragged myself to Math Practice training and sat near a trash can in case I had to barf. (The other Guides were riveted.)

Averted that crisis.

But had to cancel my monthly lunch with Mrs. Cynicletary, which filled me with woe. But I was just too drained. She ordered me home to bed, with an extra helping of rest.

Instead I ran errands and wrapped presents and went to the post office. Twice.

But I'm done with all the external mailing — parents in California, brothers in Minneapolis. Done. And that is an awesome feeling. Now I can rest and be well. Nothin' but good times ahead!

And then I hunkered down in my padded rocking chair and watched The House Without a Christmas Tree, classic made-for-TV movie of my youth, and drank hot coffee and ate Hershey's white chocolate peppermint kisses. And wept.

(It is a very touching movie. Jason Robards will break the steeliest heart.)

(But, yeah, I still don't feel all that great. Clearly my uterus needs an exorcist.)

It's late and I should go to bed, but Mimosa and Martini want to watch a Christmas movie with me — and I've been so unavailable to my kids this week, I really want to say yes. So I will!

Buenas noches, mis amigas.

—Lady C, weary


  1. i'm very sad you have a migraine. take care of yourself. i have had a very bad headache for 3 days. i hate menopause.

    1. And Kate at Nested just had her very first migraine. Either we have spawned some freaky blog-sister headache coven.... or, I dunno, are you experiencing an unusual level of stress this month? for any reason?

      (Me, nah, same old, same old. You?)

      I still get a regular ladyvisit, so I'm not even officially IN menopause yet. And I'm 50!!!! Crazytown.

      I hope you feel better, dear Bev!

  2. I had NO IDEA you were just recovering form migrane! You recover beautifully. And THE HOUSE WITHOUT A CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!! I just ordered it from Amazon. Man, I loved it so much... I read it every year (inexplicably in July or August) but haven't seen it since my youth.

    1. A day with you is the best tonic, dear'st! And also with Little Jo, my new BFF, I am SUPREMELY in love with her.

      I didn't know that THWACT (uh-oh, the acronym looks a little like what I accused Dawn of doing on Tweeter) was a book!!!! Must find. Now, do you know "The Gathering," my other favorite made-for-TV Christmas movie? Come over and watch it with me! We'll drink hoochy eggnog and weep. OMG, so fun.