Monday, December 17, 2012

Y2 Day 110: A Whole Botttle o' Happy

Husband, a professor of political science, just turned in his grades, which means that the fall semester, aka Hell Term, is officially over! He's had a truly sucky schedule since September and has rarely been home during the week, which for most wives is how life is but for me it was a rude shock; I also work, albeit at home, and to be the permanent on-call daytime parent took so freaking much time. Vive la winter!

Anyway — we celebrated by dining at Margarita's, using our $10 off/End of the World Is Nigh coupon, and Mommy celebrated extra hard with many many low-cal margaritas. Li'l Martini taught us a new card game, which involved ridiculously complicated rules and much hand-slapping; I ruled at this game, because I quickly figured out that the path to winning was sounding extremely authoritative.

We had a blast.

In weight-loss news, I truly cannot comprehend why my weight is staying down (still in the '40s!); I'm eating all kindsa crap and haven't exercised since Hector was a pup. It's a Christmas miracle!

All day long I think of funny and clever things to write about in my blog . . . and they never stick. (Do NOT blame the tequila!) But I need to wrap up now; the kids and I have a date to cuddle in bed and read books from our Christmas box and another chapter of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

I'm getting very excited for my caroling party. If everybody comes who says they're coming, I will have 40 people in my smallish house! Of course, they won't all come; the attrition rate among attendees at this particular party is high (on a week-night before Christmas, schedules are a little iffy; I totally get that). But I've invited some new people this year, and I'm very psyched! It is one of the two funnest parties I throw (my Oscar party being the other one).

I'm also happy because my elderly friend Mrs. Professor has agreed to have lunch with me this Saturday; she's moving her husband into a new rehab/assisted living facility, and she says she needs a happy date to look forward to. I love her so much, and I am thrilled to be her happy date.

Oh! It is such a delight to be migraine-free! What an awful week last week was!!!!

Lady C

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