Thursday, December 20, 2012

Y2 Day 113: Post-Caroling — It Ain't Pretty

The party started at 5:15 (after more or less a day of prep). It is now 10:28 — on a school night! The last dish is washed, and the last guest just left. (Yes, I still had guests here while I was washing dishes. My friends make themselves right at home!) I'm waiting till tomorrow to run a vacuum or clean off my glass coffee table, which is ringed with the traces of wine glasses and eggnog cups. This is huge for me; I usually can't sleep amidst filth and squalor, but I am EXHAUSTED.

Though I still need to set up Li'l Martini's birthday table. Thank God we had the presence of mind to wrap his gifts earlier this week!!!

Despite exhaustion, I must say: It was a blast!!!!!!!

One pre-Christmas party down, two to go. But it's all good. I have a huge smile on my face. Caroling was as magical as always, and the party was total fun. It is so neat to see my Dallin School mom friends and my church friends and my neighborhood friends and my Betsy-Tacy friends and my random other friends all mixing and mingling and getting along — I love it so much!

And some really great things happened tonight, but I am just too pooped to go into any more detail. As they say in the addiction community (and possibly the occult community as well), More will be revealed.

Happy Mayan Apocalypse, fa la la la la!

—Lady C


  1. I'm so glad that your party went well!

  2. i'm glad you partied your butt off. what's the big news - do tell!

    happy apocalypse to you too