Friday, December 21, 2012

Y2 Day 114: If This Is the Mayan Apocalpyse, Gotta Say, I Love the Food!

Li'l Martini's birthday dinner menu has barely changed since he became old enough to voice a preference:
  • Hog dogs
  • Mac 'n' cheese (NOT Mommy's delicious homemade macaroni with four cheeses, mind you; he wants Kraft from a box — which I used to love myself, back in the day, but I have grown up) (bleh, that stuff is disgusting)
  • Carrot-raisin salad
  • Red-hot apples
HoneyBear, my second son, has joined us for this dinner for as long as any of us can remember (the boys have been superglue-bonded since age 2); I asked him tonight if he can remember a different menu, and he scrunched up his adorable little face and said, "Not . . . so much."

The only thing that's changed is the dessert; we used to do a more traditional cake and ice cream, but for the last few years my boy has requested Tower o' Doughnuts. And since doughnuts are my truly favey sweet treat, I am ever so happy to oblige!

But my apologies, it needs to be a short post again tonight; I had another migraine today (holiday stress? pre- and post-caroling wine? who knows) and have been barfing all day — which may be keeping my weight down but is doing little for my spirit.

The day my son was born, I looked into his navy blue eyes and fell head over heels in love. He is such a little punk, and most of the time his ways are entirely alien to me, and nonetheless I am crazy in love with him. He is my baby. He is my sweetheart. He is my tenderhearted little goofball. I am a lucky lucky mama.

And I'm also exhausted, so time to call it a day. I'd hoped for a totally free day tomorrow, but alas; I have three jobs to finish. But, hey, it's money. (Did I mention Husband's $3K car bill??? Ouch.)

Good night!

—Lady C

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