Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Y2 Day 118: O Crazy Day, O Holy Night

Yesterday was nuts — we went from thing to thing to thing, all day long, while Mimosa see-sawed between wellness and an exotic form of New England beriberi. (I recited her motley collection of symptoms to a nurse, who said, "Yeah, there's a lot of that going around." She didn't seem overworried, so I tried to take my cue from her — but I hate when my kids are sick, particularly when I don't really have a clue regarding the ailment in question.)

But by 5:30, when we got to church, I could feel myself calming. And our church service was perfect, as always. Last year my kids were the star speakers; this year HoneyBear and his brother O-Man, my cherished second and third sons, read those familiar, beautiful words, "...for there was no room at the inn" and "I bring you good tidings of great joy." Arty Jenny and Sexy Em and Kind Tina were all there, also several of my church boyfriends, and I collected warm embraces like a bouquet of love.

Husband was in charge of the lights — no easy business, as they must all go out at a certain point and then all come on at a certain point, and it's not like there's just one switch to do all this; it's a multi-switch job and Husband masterfully channeled his inner octopus. I was very proud.

And then we were off to Mrs. Cynicletary and Handsome D's house, which was a pure joy. This year's theme was Pie and Pie — pizza pie and dessert pie. I brought my killer chocolate pie, Handsome D made a sweet potato pie, Mrs. C made pecan pie and a lemon raspberry tart, and there was also an apple pie, I believe — and the pizza, holy moley, this was the best pizza I've ever had in my life. I must find out how they made it! We've been coming to this party for over a decade and have grown very fond of D's family; it was lovely to sit and chill and drink wine and eat fabby food and talk and just be merry.

As we drove home, I commented, "There is nothing that we have to do tomorrow." Husband said, "We have to open presents." "No!" I said, "we don't! I mean, we will, of course, but we don't have to." And after the mad last few days we've had, that was truly the nicest present of all.

And today was simply sublime. Great food, great family, great gifts, great fun. I spent the afternoon on the couch, Christmas candles lit, nibbling sweet/spicy/salty snack mix (my mom gets it at Winco, it is hella good) and reading all my Christmas books. Perfection. Happiness on a plate. And now I'm off to the tub, with some fresh hot coffee and more reading to do.

More than 2,000 years ago, a child was born. Good tidings! Great joy!

A very merry and very blessed Christmas to you all.

with much love from Lady C


  1. Merriest of Christmases to you and your family, Lady C! Wishing you blessings and peace!

  2. I am just catching up on all your blogs, including this very complimentary one about Christmas Eve at the Cynicletarys. I am so happy that all of you recovered and could come. I am also thrilled that you loved the pizza. We will discuss the making of same anon.XO