Saturday, December 29, 2012

Y2 Day 122: The Answer: Driving in Snow at Night, and Parties

The Question: "What are two things that make Lady C nervous?"

Brunie and I were invited to a fancy party tonight, in Nashua, New Hampshire, but she called in sick this morning. I thought about mustering my wits and going solo, but then the town of Arlington called my answering machine — (seriously! The message began, "This is the town of Arlington . . . ") — and announced that a snow emergency had been declared.

I'm reasonably chill about driving in snow in general, but in the dark and out of state, to a venue where I'm likely to imbibe of the spirits, during a snow emergency . . . that all adds up to a negative on the fun scale.

And the thing about parties — as I get older, my social anxiety just gets worse and worse. If I have a task (helping with the food, clearing dirty plates away, replenishing trays, etc.), or if there's an activity (party games!), or if I drink a lot — that's how I have fun. Otherwise — sitting on a couch or standing against a wall, all alone, determinedly cheerful smile plastered on my face, simultaneously hoping that one of these strangers will come talk to me and crossing my fingers that they don't, or barging up to someone and attempting to make conversation . . . I just find it unbearably awkward.

I don't go to many parties by myself, for just this reason. In the past few years, at one party I sneaked out way early, through the back door; at another party I took a shower (HUGE house, no one noticed); and at yet another party, I threw up.

Yes, I realize I am nuts.

I am sorry to miss this one, though. My friend the hostess, Sister Hart the Elder, puts on a hell of a spread.

But instead I will take a hot bubble bath, read one of my good library books (I've got Joy Fielding's latest and also See You at Harry's, a YA that Brunie recommended), drink white sangria, and enjoy the pretty snowfall outside my window.

Only two more days of 2012 left!

Oh, and I did do zumba this morning, but was it enough to work off 342 gooey cinnamon squares? Dang me, those things are good!!!!

—Lady C

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