Saturday, December 1, 2012

Y2 Day 94: Out-Stewarting Martha

(Except not really, because I don't make any of this stuff myself.)

Today I decorated the house for Christmas. In theory this is a family activity, though the others are really only good for about 10 minutes. And I totally get why it's not fun for them; directing people to do the thing that (to me) is so patently obvious in needing to be done is not good for any of us. I begin to see them as frighteningly impaired and dull-witted, they begin to see me as an angry dictator and drill sergeant; it's best that they go on their way, staying out of mine, and let me have the first floor to myself, me and Andy Williams and a couple of Bourbon Bogs. (I have to drink while Christmas decorating so I don't feel put-upon; it's total fun but it's also a lot of work.)

And I often spread the work over a couple of days so I don't tire out, but today I muscled through and it's all done! Except for the tree; we'll purchase it and get it set up tomorrow and then decorate it . . . maybe Monday. When the electrician is here, hoorah! to install a new switch for my new garbage disposal, hoorah! Is IS the most wonderful time of the year!

But I'm tuckered, and I still need to wash some dishes and vacuum up stray tinsel bits, and then it's a bath and bed for this girl.

I think I'm on a diet time-out — I had Trader Joe's cookies for breakfast, bourbon for brunch, and a McDonald's Big Mac for a late lunch. Maybe I'll have an apple for dinner, that should do it.

Tomorrow is a much more chill day, and I will definitely exercise and eat right and all that. As I said, I don't expect to lose any weight this month, but I'd prefer not to gain any as well. If I close out December at 247, I'm calling it a win.

Oh! I just remembered: One of my church boyfriends is bringing me breakfast in bed tomorrow! (I won him in our church auction last spring.) I'm excited about macademia nut coffee cake and fresh-ground coffee (and also seeing my boyfriend, natch — he is quite the silver fox and looks like a cross between Paul Newman and Ted Turner); Husband is excited about getting the Sunday New York Times. Win-win!

OK, I will eat mindfully after gorging myself on macademia nut coffee cake. No prob.

I want to give a shout-out to my young friend Nurse Wendy, who sent me kindest greetings on my cancer this week. I thought of you, dear Wendy, as I unpacked the Christmas Book Box this morning; I may take Christmas All Year 'Round into the tub with me. Such a gem!!

(p.s. My house looks awesome. Everyone should come visit me!)

— Lady C

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